Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Back from the block...

Its been a bad start to the year for posts from the Freerangehomestead. I should have known it would be when I made it my new year resolution - nobody keeps to their resolutions, so why should this be any different - and why did I have to give myself a goal of something that I love to do, and never had any problem getting started with in the past.

Writers block - who would know it strikes bloggers too! But in this case, it was bakers block, gardeners block and just doing anything but working and building block. Ironically we are further on with our building work than ever, we've been having walls plastered and everything - seven weeks of plastering to be precise. We've knocked down walls and moved more dust from room to room than should ever be allowed. but there's something about getting things done...its start with CHEERS but as the weeks and months drag on, the YAYs start to sound pretty hollow, cos you just want the work to be over!!!
the hallway ceiling before...

and after!
I started this blog to follow and share the trials and tribulations of our lives in Yorkshire, and what do you know its those trials that almost brought me to a standstill. I suppose after a day of shifting muck around and climbing over palletboards to do your laundry you have to wonder who would want to know about it! but then I don't want to write this record through a rose tinted lens. I love our life in Yorkshire but I don't love living in a building site. I know it will all be worth it but that doesn't help me right now!

Our feature staircase...

Even the  vacuum cleaner has gone on strike!
And so I came close to calling it a day on the writing front and then something pretty amazing happened - people started to ask me when the next post was coming. A lovely blogger emailed me to ask me if I was alright and to top it all we watched Julie and Julia this weekend...and it all reminded me why I started writing this in the first place - to share the journey, to see the funny side and to make sense of it all. So I figured it was time to start taking my own advice and pick up the pad.

So i've got some making up to do, seeds to sew, a cardigan to knit, a whole season of events coming up and a plant sale to organise - more of that to come - oh and a building to finish, but enough of that. We're getting there....slowly!


  1. Living in construction is no fun. We've done it and will again. Tracking the progress does help because you have the proof that it is improving. Get some rest in there too though. I hope it goes smoothly without any major surprises.

  2. I've been there when we had our extension built - living in one bedroom as it was all we had that wasn't torn to pieces and it is worth it in the end!

  3. Would it help to say that you'll look back on all this and laugh? Probably not but you probably will. I know that longing for the work to be over but it really does finish eventually (well, sort of - there's always something more to do). Welcome back and have a great Easter.

  4. It is so nice to see your post. It sounds like you have a lot going on - be sure to share.


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