Sunday, 12 February 2012

A Bundt in the oven...

Snowy paths and icy roads make for a good excuse for staying home and baking...

I bought plenty of stewed apple at our village Christmas fair for the freezer, so that came out and went towards a Spiced Apple Breakfast Bundt Cake...

I got this recipe from 'Passionate Vegetarian' I'm not veggie but I've been carting this book around with me since my student days as everything I've ever tried out of it is a winner.
We couldn't wait till breakfast though...

Its very dense and moist, half pudding, half cake really. I don't know if i could go to work on a slice of it though - i think i'd need a mid morning nap!

The other reason for hiding out in the kitchen this weekend is the continuing schedule of work going on in the rest of the house. Walls continue to be knocked about, dust continues to fall,so this weekend the kitchen has been my sanctuary, and here it is...

Trust me it doesn't usually look this tidy but as I said there's nowhere else to run to! I've been playing around with furniture this weekend and brought my retro kitchen cupboard back in from the cold

I love it - it was a birthday present from BH but its always needed a repaint. I'm thinking of brightening it up with some colour...any ideas?

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  1. Oh a cabinet - we had one of those! I remember it so well. Does it have a pull down counter?

  2. Hi Mrs N - it certainly does - and with built in scales too!

  3. The cake looks delicious. Stay warm...I think the cupboard would look really nice with a bright blue or grass green.


  4. Cake AND a cosy kitchen to retreat to. Bliss, E;keep warm. x

  5. You don't have to be a vegetarian to enjoy vegetarian type food. I often have a veggie meal when we go out.

    As for colour. Depends what colours you have in your kitchen

  6. Hi Velva, thanks for dropping by, I like the sound of grass green, I don't know if I could get it past BH though! Definitely going to go something nice and bright.

    Hi Elizabeth - definitely needing the cosy kitchen this week, it's so cold and wet outside even the dogs don't want to venture out!

    Hi Sue , you're quite right, half of my cookbooks are more towards veggie or vegan, mostly cos I couldn't afford meat when I was a student! It definitely taught me more about cooking veg well though. The kitchen is pale blue with White and wood units, we have some red appliances but I'm leaning towards something very retro like primrose yellow and White - maybe!

  7. I'm all in favour of mid morning naps so this sounds an excellent cake to me. Great retro cabinet (but please don't take my modern kitchen away completely). I tend to paint everything a subtle blue colour - it's beginning to drive my wife to distraction, I think.

  8. Love the play on words. When my wife was pregnant with our son, I constantly asked her "how the bun in the oven" was doing. She found it cute, but only for awhile....

  9. Your bundt cake looks superb - I've been promising myself for years I'd get a bundt mould, but still haven't managed it. Your kitchen looks pretty damn fine too. Your retro cabinet made me laugh, I used to have one in my student flat that looked just like that one.

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  11. I hope that you're ok,E. Love to you. x

  12. Hi E

    Thanks for checking in on me - your a good soul! I'm okay, but to be honest I've been finding it really hard to knuckle down to writing, too busy, too tired and too full of the winter blues. Your check in reminded me how much better being part of the blog community, and writing can make me feel! Perhaps now it's the holidays I can get back into the groove. Hope your all well at your end. I'm looking forward to some time on my own tomorrow so I'm going to catch up on some reading and see what everyone's being getting up to.

    Thanks for thinking of me



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