Sunday, 15 April 2012

Just keep sowing...

Has spring really sprung? The signs in the garden all suggest so, I still have hellebores flowering...

And Muscari popping out all over the place...

The muddy brown palette of the past months has begun to be replaced by the acid greens that should shout springtime...

But if like me you were gardening today in hail and snow - yes snow! Then you'd understand why I'm a little confused. Its still so cold here in East Yorkshire that I'm way behind on all my usual garden jobs, so today it was an early start to get things done...

I dug and weeded beds...

And then I sowed,

And sowed,

And sowed!

I also sowed snowball turnips, oriental salad leaves, squashes, coriander, dill, radishes, little bear squashes,calendula, lisanthus and chinese lanterns...phew!

The Marys and the Mitfords were desperate to get amongst the seeds,

But Arthur had other plans and whilst my back was turned tried a little digging of his own...

The monkey!

Of course now Im finished for the day the weather has cheered up and the sun is shining. But as the next task is to clear up the main greenhouse ( a chore i'm dreading - note the poor bird that knocked itself out in there)

then I'll call it a day! Back to work tomorrow...

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  1. It is a confusing spring. Warm then cool but I'm keeping to my "normal" planting schedule because I'm afraid of a freeze. You got a lot done. I hope all those seeds sprout!

  2. No snow in West Yorkshire but we are also behing due to cold weather too.

  3. I spent all of yesterday dodging hail and rain and then the sun came out, but overnight we had a severe frost! Funny ole weather!

  4. I thought Spring was here and then we got snow. Now, I am not so sure.

  5. Snow? No, no snow here, thank goodness, but we've had a bit of rain today and it's forecast for the rest of the week too. You were still busy though, and all those seedlings will be ready for when the weather decides to play ball.

  6. I wish the weather would make it's mind up. I want smoothies and sunglasses in the back garden.


  7. Dreadful weather here today...AGAIN! Managed to nip out to Whitby a couple of nights ago and enjoyed the moment!

  8. Just wanted to say Hi, and welcome as a new follower. Hope you enjoy your visits to our piece of Canada.
    Jane x
    Ps You have to pay a fine because you mentioned the "S" word (whispers while looking over my shoulder....snow.)


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