Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Weve been to London to see the queen

We gave up on trying to fight our way through dust and rubble and escaped to Citygirls London lair for Easter. I know that's not really playing the self sufficiency game but there is a limit! We did decide to be complete tourists this time though, a first for all of us, in fact it was a day of firsts all round...

The minis went underground on a train for the first time...

They had their first black cab ride...

First trip to Fortnums to buy a special treat for freerangenan ( shhh don't tell her!)...

First trip to the Royal Academy to see huge paintings of the streets where we live!

And their first sighting of Big Ben Or big benson as they insist on calling it!

We dropped by to see the Queen...

We would have stayed for a cuppa but apparently she doesn't drink Yorkshire tea!

And of course we had to go on the London Eye - we were being tourists after all!

You can just see it in the background - it's too big to get the whole thing in shot!

The minis loved it - they collected tickets and pictures everywhere to put in their holiday scrapbooks and boy did they sleep well that night!

As for me I was ready for one of these...

Possibly the most appreciated Margherita ever!

Hope you all had a good Easter too x


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time, I bet that Margherita was needed after doing all of that!

  2. We all need a break sometime - we took a week off during the sunny period a couple of weeks ago - bliss! Now we are counting down the weeks to our Isle of Man tour! Bring it on! Dxx

  3. I love, love this post. It looks like your mini's had a great time---they're adorable!!! I want to go there! And visit the queen too, and enjoy that good looking Margherita! Sadly, I only made it as far as Heathrow.

  4. Hi Su - it was possibly the best Margharita ever, and I've tasted a few - hic!

    Hi D - the Isle of Man - cool!!! Some of my friends are coming down for it too, You'll have a great time - are you racing???

    Thanks Gardener, it certainly was an experience, the minis loved going on the 'big wheel' as they called it, and they can't wait to tell everyone at school!

    Hi Pam, you would love it, I used to live there,but it took it quite for granted, now I'm going back as a tourist I'm in awe of some of the sites - we'll have to get you beyond Heathrow next time!

  5. It's weird isn't it knowing that those views of Hockney's are so familiar to us! I get a little buzz every time I see them...

    Glad you're back...missed you. x

  6. Thanks for the prompt back into writing E - you got in touch just when I needed it. I was really sad to read your hiatus post, I can't seem to leave a comment for you or direct message so I'll just say it here - keep in touch and keep writing, perhaps even blogging when you feel up to it again. Don't know what has happened but don't let it stop you x


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