Friday, 6 April 2012

When life gives you lemons...

Our week ended on a sour note as BHs car went into the garage only to be followed by a serious phone call from the manager asking us if we want pour more money into it's life support or pull the plug. On top of dust filled houses, freak snow storms and our two lovely children being 'bored already' something's got to give... So I did the only respectable thing and buckled down to picking the wallpaper for the new bedrooms ( when all else fails I find a blatant disregard for the chaos around me the best way forward!)

So what do you think...

It's even zingier in real life! This is to go on the wall behind our bed. I suppose its called the feature wall - but I think that just means we can't afford to do the whole room! I know its bright - very very bright, but after months of looking at very tasteful, neutral colour schemes, I just decided that they ain't me! I want some colour to smack a smile on my chops in the morning and keep the winter blues at bay...

And besides it looks pretty grown up here...

In fact I like it so much I'm thinking of putting it at the top of the stairs, in a much more subtle colour of course...

But thats only so i can set it off with a bright red carpet! Bring on the colour!

And if a certain luxury car dealer sells you a lemon, don't ever go there again, have a bloody good cry and then pick yourself up and buy wallpaper instead ... Works for me...

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  1. I love your logic. Buy wallpaper. It is cheery. What a way to wake up!

  2. I love the wallpaper - go for it. Ignoring the chaos is my best strategy too. And rememebr that even though you've been thrown a lemon at the moment, it's possible to turn it into sweet lemonade in not too long a time!

  3. I'm currently in the middle of a s***storm, so I'm pottering along and taking time to smell the roses :)
    I LOVE the zingy wallpaper.

  4. We'll need to choose wallpaper soon but so far all my browsing haven't turned anything up.
    Are the patterns on the wallpaper flocked?

  5. Love the cheery lemon-yellow wallpaper, great choice! Good luck with the chaos!

  6. Thanks guys- we've still got to deal with the car crisis but good wallpaper helps! It's not a flock but it does have a handpainted texture to it and some silvery shimmery blobs - they look better than they sound!

  7. I love the wallpaper and red carpet will look great!! Can't help with the Blogger problems, but I hope it gets fixed soon.

  8. I love the wallpaper!!

    Sorry I haven't been by lately- staging a house, moving twice, changing to a self hosted domain. Blergh!

    (Michaela, formerly the wyo-helpmeet!)

  9. Thanks Mel - hopefully the blogger stuffs been fixed - it seemed to stop as soon as we came home! gadget gremlins!

    Hi Michaela - nice to see you, it sounds like you've had a mad busy time of things! Hope things are settling down for you now :)


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