Sunday, 22 April 2012

The boy done good!

Up until not so long ago we had a staircase that looked like this...

And that was after lots of knocking down and dust creation!

But now I'm pleased to say it looks like this...

I know, I know ... It's not finished but i couldnt wait to show you! BH did this all by himself this weekend - didn't he do well?!!

We still have to decorate it and put down new flooring and carpet - but hey, we have light! And a hallway that no longer scares the minis! So even though its now Sunday night and I'm wondering where the weekend went, I could slide down a bannister with joy!

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  1. Wow, what a transformation and what a beautiful staircase :-)

  2. Maybe sliding down is a step too far though - after all that work would BH allow it?

  3. I have a staircase that needs some help...we'll be in all next weekend waiting for your hubby to call in!

  4. It looks fab. We're just about to embark on decorating our staircase, it's not as grand as yours though.

  5. BH amazing job! Did you get to watch then GP as a reward ;-)

  6. Absolutely NO SLIDING! (I haven’t waxed them yet – you might catch a splinter!)

  7. Wow!!! And Wow again!! This is fantastic, E.

    BH - YOU ARE A STAR! x


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