Sunday, 8 April 2012

Blogger needs help!!!

I've been trying to comment on all my favourite blogs for days now - bit its a no go! I can write a comment but when I'm asked for ID the scroll down is blank, so no ID, no comment. It's driving me crazy!!!

Has anyone else had this problem? I tried going on the forums for help but again my comment wasn't published. Anymore of this and I'm going to Wordpress!

So please don't be offended if I haven't commented for a while - Su, I love your Easter eggs and Twiggy - get off the wii!!!

And somebody help me....please!


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog so that I could find you:D Blogger is getting ready to transition so hopefully the problem will solve itself. I have many issues with blogger at different times. As long as it is still at no cost I will stick it out.

  2. No I'm not having this problem so sorry I can't help!
    If you are having problems commenting on Blogger blogs then I don't think you changing to WordPress would help you. Is it blogs that set up comments in a particular way - for instance does a window pop up for you to comment or do the comments appear below the post etc. Are they ones that need you to type in a CAPTCHA code?

  3. I've changed my comments bit now so there's no verfication words in the hope that that might help - and have put it back so it's not in a pop up box. I'm not sure if any of that will help though?

  4. oh I feel your pain but funnily enough I am having issues leaving comments on wordpress sites... very frustrating but I think it could be your eb browser rather than blogger... do you use Internet Explorer or Safari or Firefox... try downloading a new browser to see if that it the issue x

  5. Thanks guys - it's has been driving me nuts! I think your right Dom, ive been trying to post from my phone, but I've just borrowed someones iPad and it's been fine, so maybe its a safari thang!


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