Monday, 28 June 2010

On Ilkley Moor by tat....

The garden was left to its own devices for a whole weekend whilst I packed up the tribe and travelled across the Ridings to visit some very dear friends of ours who live at the foot of this beautiful landscape.

Like us, they turned their backs on the city life, like us they were drawn back to Yorkshire, but unlike us they run up mountains for fun. (I'm strictly wellies or heels, I dont even know if I own a pair of trainers!) They have my total admiration and awe but i'll leave the Fell running to them, I'm more of a moocher than a sprinter!

We had an amazing time, and did get to walk this stunning path by the local river. We took a long way round, and got a little lost, but then if we'd known the way we'd have missed the view...

All that walking was a bit much for some, although I think one of these ramblers was just trying it on!

I had a brief moment of gardeners guilt wondering how everything was doing in my absence, but I neednt have worried because we returned to find more blooms bursting out all over.

I love this plant, it was in the garden when we got here...I think its a Penstemon but I really dont know...any advice?

and this shrub which i think is a black elder had decided to go for it and in the space of two days was laden with pink clouds...

We also pulled our first crop of beets, gorgeous fat little boltardy beets. Were excited about them now, lets see if we feel the same after weve been eating them all summer, cos theres plenty more where they came from!

Anyone for Borscht!!!


  1. Lovely landscapes-very evocative of Herriot's books (:
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. Hi there! My hubby is from Yorkshire - his parents are in Addingham.
    I'm loving your blog. It's just like ours, but on the other side of the world! :)

  3. The phicutre of the two resting ramblers is a lovely one.

    I've enver seen or heard of black elder, so thanks for sharing that too.

  4. Thanks Nicole - Its very Herriot indeed - Ive just been watching reruns of 'all creatures' i'd forgotten how much I loved it! Thanks for dropping in!

    Hi Darroch Cottage glad to hear youve got a Yorkie influence!!! Ill trade you pictures of Yorkshire for NZ - I love your farmstead, our few chucks seem a very small start in comparision!

    Thanks Mangocheeks - my ramblers did manage the last leg of the walk - but only with chocolate bribes!!!

  5. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment. It's wonderful to meet a gardener from Yorkshire...what a lovely area it must be. Your blog is very interesting and I shall be back to check it out in more detail.

    I don't know what those blue flowers are, but they are lovely. Blue is always such a treat in a garden.

    Cheers from Canada.

  6. What lovely scenery,reminds me of my childhood in the west riding. Your blue plant is very similar to one I have which is Penstemon Heavenly Blue

  7. Thanks Diane and CG Farmer - I love how bloggin connects gardeners from near and far. I love the name of your penstemon - I think i will adopt it as a name for this one , it sounds fitting!
    Thankyou both for dropping in - its really nice to share our patch of yorkshire with people doin the same stuff!


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