Monday, 14 June 2010

It's here, the day we've been waiting for...Hatch Monday! and we've not been disappointed at all...

Jessica, one of our Bantam Buffs has been a model mum, sitting on her eggs perfectly to full term and this morning she was rewarded with her first chick!

Look closely and you can see one brand new (highly camouflaged) chickadee...

I checked her at 7am and thought nothing had happened, only to get a text 15 minutes later to say that mum was concealing this little beauty. BH had lifted her tail feathers to be greeted by a 'cheep cheeping'. Clearly I'd been too respectful of her personal space!

By lunchtime the new arrival was all fluffed up and ready to make its debut.

Another egg hatched at tea time, but i'm letting Mum get settled with her new arrivals before photographing them any more. Who knows what the morning will bring - I can't wait...

We have no names for our newbies so any suggestions would be more than welcome!

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