Wednesday, 16 June 2010

A grand day out...

Just in case anyone thinks that Yorkshire food is all black puddings and treacle tart (not that there is anything wrong with them), I thought I would mention our local Michelin Star Resteraunt, the Pipe and Glass - that's right Michelin - out here in the wilds - we know good food when we taste it!

BH took me there last year before they got the award and we were blown away. Food is sourced locally and the quality is amazing. The restaurant is in a 15th century gatehouse and has a really warm and cosy atmosphere - log fires aplenty! The menu has lots of local game and shellfish showcasing the fabulous richness of our local harvest.

But just in case you think im having delusions of a career as a restaurant critic, let me tell you why i'm really mentioning them. On the day their star was awarded, before it had been made public and unbeknownst to me, I phoned the chef proprietor and asked if he would play host to thirty inner city school children as a reward for there hard work at cooking club. I didnt really think they would, but hey - nothing ventured, nothing gained...and they said yes!

Today was our visit and they couldnt have made us more welcome. The chef/owner James, his wife Kate and there gorgeous baby boy met the children off the bus and welcomed them without reserve into their establishment. We spent the morning learning how the business works, what jobs people do and touring the kitchens.

Chef Mackenzie sat the children on the lawn and talked them through a sumptous table of ingredients, showing them everything from celeriac to fresh and live langoustine. Our children were amazed and enjoyed tasting fresh herbs and smelling vanilla pods and cinnamon sticks.

We toured the herb garden and got a detailed tour of the kitchen (I have total stove envy!) and to top it all the children were kept refreshed with freshly baked cookies and juice served to them by the waiting staff.

I love the Pipe and Glass...Not just because it serves the most creative and delicious food, but because they made our children feel so special and put such a lot of effort into fostering a love of food and cooking in eight year olds. Thankyou P and G!

And now they have accomodation too ( i took a sneaky peak - tres luxurious!) so BH if your reading this, here's the link,, hint hint!


  1. Hun, as long as they keep their 'wild rabbit rissoles' on the menu, I'm game - get it? game?
    See? I don't just look funny!

  2. They do a takeaway menu too I see! Oh what a gem definately will be pointing the motorbike towards Beverley!


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