Wednesday, 9 June 2010

How green does your garden grow?

I didnt grow up with a passion for gardening and i wouldnt say i was particularly green fingered, but in my early twenties a great friend of mine (and amazing gardener) Kim drew me in to the all consuming world of horticulture. She tempted me in at first with a few visits to garden centres, some free cuttings and that was it, i was hooked. When BH and I got our first flat together we had 123 plants in the tiny backyard, including tomatoes and peppers.

I obsessed about the garden here before we moved, planning out planting schemes in my head, drawing up crop rotations and all that. The garden had been very loved but then untended for some time so it needed plenty of tlc. Never having worked a big garden before i had no idea just how much hard work it would be.

These are my first raised beds. We built the before we'd moved up just so that we could get some stuff in the ground and my lovely sister Pip watered everything for us. It looks all overgrown and untidy, but the day we built and planted it we had to leave it to drive back to London. I was miserable in the car going back to London when there was all this soil to be played with here.

These were our first greenhouse tomatoes, lovingly tended by Pip and my Dad until we got here (each swears they did the lions share of the work - who to believe!?!)

But nowadays its a whole family effort

One day it might even look like this...

at least thats the plan!


  1. I really enjoyed reading how you got into gardening.

    For you and your family, I hope your garden does evolve to what you really want it to be. Warm wishes.

  2. Thank you so much. Our garden is ever evolving, the hardest part is stopping it evolving into a big old pile of nettles!


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