Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Innies and Outies!

Strawbs are here at last. At least they are indoors. Our outdoor berries still have a way to go. Last year was my first go at growing strawberries from some runners taken from Grandpas garden (I did have his permission). To be honest I was somewhat underwhelmed by the result - mostly because the birds got there before me and then the children - and then the slugs!

This year I potted some Elsantas to go by the back door. Only I kept forgetting to bring them down the garden and they stayed on the shelf in the greenhouse - and I am so glad that they did because now Ive got strawberries (almost).

With any luck this might be on my breakfast by the weekend - wahey! BH has very kindly bedded up the outdoor strawbs with plenty of straw today and im going to give them a feed and net them from birds - but still...I think next year they're going in pots and straight in the greenhouse.

On another note, here was my favourity garden moment of the day. These geraniums are at their best at the moment, another week and they start to flop and need chopping back. It was particularly windy and I couldnt resist grabbing a pic of them - this gardening malarkey has turned me into a right sucker for a bloom!


  1. Oh Yummy strawberries...now you've got me longing for our summer to arrive.
    I've just ordered a new supply of strawberry runners so they aren't even in the ground yet!!

  2. Thanks Scarecrow - We ate our first ones today. Actually my little girl managed to restrain herself and saved it for me - she's a love! I definitely was yummy - so just think, youve got it all to come!

  3. The mice really enjoyed ours!

  4. Enjoying your blog as well! I spent many years living in the UK and often visited Yorkshire so I look forward to following your blog...you live in a beautiful part of the world! Surprised your strawberries are later than ours here in central MA (we are a very cold zone!)....nothing like fresh strawberries right from the vine yummmmy!!

  5. Sorry to hear about your mice Jane - we were overrun with voles at the start of the season and they ate my beans every time I planted them out!

    Thanks for popping in Ellen - youre right our strawbs are later this year, but we did have our longest coldest winter for a long time so I guess thats why!

  6. Hi Freerangegirl, thank you for visiting. Australia is beautiful but England is just as lovely. Oneday I still want to get there. Now don't be a stranger!


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