Friday, 18 June 2010

The big dig...

At last our building work is moving forward. After ploughing all of our resources into chasing damp out of the house it was a day to celebrate when the digger came to dig out the footings for our extension. It has always been our plan to build a 'room with a view' at the back of the house as like so many houses of its period all the windows are on the front. Believe me, after all the digging and weeding and pruning and planting and so on, I just want to be able to sit and look at it.

But as excited as I was, these two lovelies were much more so... a proper digger to play in - how cool!

The footings are dug out now and look very extreme. They go much further than our extension as we had to investigate up to the septic tank - how lovely! Im sure our neighbours think we're planning a swimming pool or something, I can't wait until the building works done and we can put everyones minds at rest.

In the meantime BH built this fab logstore. I think he was feeling construction withdrawal - and finally picked up on the hints about the piles of logs everywhere. I'm really pleased with it, particularly the steps we put in at the side, i'm planning to plant some ferns and snowdrops along the edges.

My mum says when her logstore is full it makes her feel rich. I know what she means now - and its certainly the closest to rich we'll ever be. But after chopping them all and stacking them all its definitely a satisfying feeling!


  1. Hi - thanks for popping by my blog and I'm glad I could help with the Charnock ... feel free to have some of mine, I've got plenty!!

    Looks like things are going really well for you - and I've got woodstore envy! We've had a woodburner in the kitchen for about 5 years now and we're having one fitted in the sitting room in a fortnight - can't wait! Got builders working outside replacing spalled bricks, facias and gutterng, so it's all a bit noisy here right now !

    Was that Brid' in the beach photos?!

  2. I am very jealous of your log store and I know exactly what you mean about feeling rich when you have plenty of wood. I am currently enjoying collecting stray twigs for kindling to use on our Wood Burner when the weather turns! I can't imagine it now but the thought of lighting it makes the thought of Winter more bearable. Best of luck with the extension. Jane

  3. Thanks for the comments - i couldn't manage without our woodburner now. We bought a bigone for our main room and it sends a current of warm air all around the downstairs. I know what you mean about gathering twigs - I cant go for a simple walk now without scouting wood.

    My wholeheated empathy goes out to you Nutty Gnome - building work is so good and such a pain at the same - weve just got to keep the end in sight!

    ...and it is Brid - well spotted - I should have run a comp!!!

  4. I know the satisfying feeling I get when my woodpile is filled to the brim with a winter's worth of well-seasoned wood. There's nothing, absolutely nothing like a cheery fire in the hearth to keep the cold winter at bay. Very nice looking logkeep. Tip of the hat to the builder. :-D


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