Tuesday, 15 June 2010

and then there were three...

We had one more hatchling this morning, bringing our grand total to three. I know this sounds quite unimpressive, particularly as she was sat on 10 eggs, but trust me, last time we only got one. Jessica's sister moved her eggs around so much that by the time it came for hatching they were positively scrambled...

We think one of the chicks is a Buff Orpington/ Silver Pencilled Wyandotte cross, I don't know what that makes it, an Orpandotte? a Buff Pencilled Wyanpington perhaps, we'll have to wait and see!

But for now we think they're just about perfect. BH has tucked them in for the night and we're going to give the remaining eggs one more day. When our last batch didnt hatch we gave them extra days and finally admitted defeat. BH carried the last egg all the way down the garden and placed it in the bin. Just as he was closing the lid he heard it cheeping from inside the shell, an emergency dash back to Mum followed with our our first chick hatching later that day...so you never know...


  1. I've done the same with late hatching chicks, it's always worth persevering, you never know!!

  2. Lets hope so. BH is a bit disappointed that so few hatched - but i keep telling him it's all good - 1 last time, 3 this time, next time who knows!
    Thanks for the post, I really enjoyed your blog on the Bishop of Bath and Wells - a blast from the past!

  3. Love the pics. Love the name you gave the baby, too! We had a Buff set 10 eggs & only got 5 babies. The babies are doing very well, though, so I can't complain!

  4. Thanks Michaela, the chicks are doing really well and look super cute bouncing off their mums back - maybe thats why she only hatched 3, anymore would have been too much! Lovely to hear from you, i really enjoy your blog!


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