Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Buildings a Go Go...

First of all thankyou for sticking with me whilst I disappeared from blogland for the last week. Citygirl treated us all to a very much appreciated break and we packed up the the tribe and headed for the hills.

Our minifreerangers couldnt have been happier - at last a chance to release their inner princess and pirate without mum and dad moping on about cement mixers!

Bless that Citygirl! She certainly knows whats needed and when! Waiting for planning approval had us both at the end of our tether - I'd convinced myself that it wasnt going to happen, we would have to move and start again and my veg patch would belong to someone else - boo hoo! But Citygirl knows better than to give into amateur dramatics and shoved us on bikes for the week to take our mind off things ( she also knows just when a mojito is called for!) so Mojitos, bikes and lots of rest were prescribed and we certainly feel all the better for it.

Especially because...our building plans have been approved!!!! Hoorah!!!

We got the call a couple of days early and it took us completely by surprise, but now its full steam ahead. Bricks are being laid at last!

Secondly - can I thank everybody who posted suggestions for what to do with my courgettes - in the culinary sense that is! Bionic Grandpa kept watering while we were away and they just kept producing more and more. So in honour of you all I am going to try and cook a different courgette dish from your suggestions every night this week (also Ive run out room in the freezer!)

Tonights was nice and easy - Spicy Vegetable Soup. Onions, Courgettes, tomatoes, Peppers, more courgettes, an anonymous chilli, some basil, more courgettes and plenty of seasoning.

Its very simple but very yum! Its also very low calorie to compensate for all the lovely food citygirl plied us with, but theres no compromise on the taste. Im going to try freezing some as a lunchtime standby...

Im already planning tomorrows creation...


  1. Looks delicious. Congratulations on the planning approval, I remember it took months to get our plans passed.

  2. Thanks Jo - I cant tell you what a relief it is - I know the hard work starts now but at least we know it can start!

    Hi Green lane - Not 'alf - everythings gone mad whilst we were away - so while BH is building this weekend im on big time garden chores before term starts.

  3. Wow, this is all looking so good. Congratulations on the planning permission and three cheers for bionic granpa. x


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