Sunday, 12 September 2010

Whats at the bottom of your garden?

Its been a hectic week here at the Freerange homestead. I started the week full of great intentions, planning to complete my self imposed 7 days of courgette cuisine, but is was to no avail, Monday came - work started and I haven't stopped since. It is great to be back in the swing of things though and I'm gradually getting back to my routine, but I think I'll be a while before I see the end of anything on TV that starts after ten! (I'm not snoring honestly, just breathing rhythmically!)

Also this week we've been watering for two as the freerange grandparents took a long overdue and very well deserved holiday. I love looking after somebody elses garden - have you ever noticed how other peoples gardens are full of flowers and not weeds, and how you seem to stop and stare in them rather than finding yet another job to do.

I wonder how many people have a tree like this in their garden...

It looks like just another tree until you get closer...

and if you're a really determined little explorer you might even find this..

The home of the fairies that eat grandpas strawberries! My little ones have studied this house for hours in the hope of catching one of its inhabitants, but know to never disturb it in case they never return! Amazingly it magics away to warmer climes in the winter, when the leaves drop - fancy that!

The grandparents returned refreshed and a good job too, because we've put freerange nan straight to work on the damson harvest!

The preserving production line has begun as I delivered the rest of our pickings to her tonight. Freerangenan is the Jam Queen! All in all we picked just shy of 10 pounds of fruit, and that was just from the lower branches. Damson Jam here we come!!!


  1. What a magical tree. I remember having a den in a similar one when I was little. There was a common at the bottom of our street and we used to climb trees, make swings from trees and make dens. My daughter loves me to tell her all about the things we used to do, she can't imagine having all the freedom that we used to, it's sad really.

  2. Thought of you yesterday when we popped over to Brid. Didn't know we were heading there we just followed the blue skies! lol!

  3. Hi Jo. I loved den building! I think thats why we all love our sheds and green houses - theyre grown up dens! I know what you mean about freedom, I used to wander all over the place with my dog when we moved to the country but I dont know if i'd want my own doing the same!

  4. Hello Mrs N - glad you got the blue skies and werent caught in the rain. Do you have your own bike or do you ride tandem - I'll look out for you!


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