Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Dilly Beans...

Now the Courgette glut is coming to an end Ive been looking for things to do with the runner beans. Even when we lived in a tiny flat in London I've found ways to grow runner beans that have gone straight to the table. But since moving here I swear the Yorkshire air has either gotten to the beans or gone to my head because our beans have gone crazy and are producing pound after pound.

There's not much space left in the freezer (its full of courgettes) so I've turned my mind to pickling. Alys Fowler made Dilly Beans on TV the other night so I thought Id give them a go. Just white vinegar, water and salt brought to the boil and poured in. then packed with some garlic and dill. I did fiddle about with the recipe on jar number 2 and added a packet of pickling spice to try a different taste. They need to stand now for at least a couple of weeks and then we'll give them a try. Let me know if you've ever made these, I'm dying to know if they're worth it!

Now I'm starting on the tomatoes! Pasta sauces are already underway, I guess I'll have to find some freezer space after all.

To top it all our first batch of damson jam arrived to day from freerangenans production line. It definitely passes the taste test. I am very lucky to have the jam maker extraordinaire just around the corner, the damson harvest is so looked forward to for the jam we get I don't think BH trusts me not to turn it into damson soup by accident!


  1. I made the Dilly Beans last week too after watching it on GW. Am waiting eagerly too!


  2. We're getting loads of runners as well as French beans but I've never made Dilly Beans. The jam looks delicious.

  3. I'm still getting runner beans too, but not enough to make this :(

    I do hope you enjoy them. I did pickle some green beans last year in herbs and they were pretty good. So my guess is this will be too.

  4. Wow - those are some seriously big beans (if you don't mind me saying!!!)


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