Thursday, 2 September 2010

When is a courgette not a courgette...

When its a stuffed marrow of course! Tonight was round 2 in our 7 days of courgette cuisine and after a day back at work I was starving hungry so it had to be substantial... and it certainly was that!

I sauted some garlic, red onions and mushrooms, scooped out the centres and stuffed 'em good and proper. I thought that looked a bit too healthy so I wedged plenty of feta and tomato on top and gave them a good glugging with the olive oil (drizzlings for wimps!). They took a while to bake but we really moist and tasty - the feta definitely did the business adding a salty kick. So far so good!

Tomorrow is officially the last day of the summer hols. Although i've been in at work most days this week, this still marks the end of another summer for me and any other teachers out there - so Friday calls for Nigellas Happiness soup to raise the spirits (thanks Mrs Nesbitt and Brownieville Girl for the tip off!)


  1. wow yum yum, great inspiration, thanks xx

  2. Hmm...stuffed courgettes/marrows are one of our family's favourites and your's looks fantastic. x

  3. Another wonderful recipe. Our kids were back at school yesterday, the summer holidays are well and truly over here.

  4. I'm not a fan of marrows, but this well, if I had a courgette come marrow, well I'd give it a go of course.

  5. Hi N4, thanks for dropping in - glad you like 'em!

    Hi Elizabeth - it's the first time ive tried them and we'll definitely be doing them again - im already planning different stuffings!

    Hi Jo - they certainly are - we had a last summer hols day at the beach today and I felt a bit sad to be honest - it goes so quickly!

    Thanks GLA - ive been doing prep all week but no doubt i still wont be able to sleep on sunday night - it never changes!

    Hi mangocheeks - great to hear from you - I wasnt so excited about marrows myself - the feta definitely did the trick!


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