Friday, 3 September 2010

Blue skies and Yellow happiness...

It was the last official day of the summer hols today. Oh I know we've still got the weekend, but that doesn't really count - today was our last freebie, before we have to start thinking about uniforms and getting up on time and brushing hair (oops maybe thats just us!) We'd got stuck into boring old chores today when BH put his foot down and said enough was enough - we were off to the beach before the hols were over! It does help that its just up the road!

Its easy to forget the pleasures of an afternoon on the sands - but every time we go down the beach I do feel so lucky to have this on our doorstep. No more trips to the Early Learning Centre to replenish the sandpit - we just sit and play on the beach instead!

I dont know if it was the sunshine or the blue skies that brought out this little Freerangers crazy side but something definitely had a positive effect on him - even his sister couldn't stay 'oh so serious' for too long!

So after all those blue skies and sunshine our dish of the day had to be the Yellow Happiness soup from Nigellas Summer book...

It is so easy, really unbelievably easy considering the taste it packs in.

All I had to do was chop two large yellow courgettes and cook them in a little olive oil with some lemon zest, then add a good dollop of turmeric, 1 litre of stock ( I used chicken), the juice of the lemon I zested and a cup of rice and cook for about 20 mins...and that was it!

I have lots more yellow courgettes to come so this could well become a freeranger staple! I love it, it's light enough to feel virtuous but tasty enough to feel like a treat...perfect!

Must start thinking about tomorrow and day 4 of the the courgette challenge! Dom at Bellau Kitchen shared his courgette lasagne so it would be rude not give it a go really! (maybe I'll call it zucchini just to confuse the kids)


  1. Delighted you loved the soup - it's so tasty.

    Looks like you gave the summer hols a great send off.

  2. a big crusty roll and a bowl of simple soup... Can't be bad. Thats my kind of food really, I don't like fussy foods with loads of ingredients which takes an age to prepare and cook

  3. Now there's a beach I recognise! Glad you had a good end to the holidays and that soup looks delicious (fabulous colour too.)I'm making courgette muffins ready for the boys' pack-ups - the recipe is here if you want to try them - - mine love them and they freeze well, too.

  4. It looks like you made full use of the last day of the holidays. You're lucky to live so close to the beach.

  5. Thanks everyone - it certainly was good to end the hols with the sand between our toes and a bit of sunshine!

    Im impressed by your recognition skills Elizabeth - Brid Beach is great, our kids love it. Thanks for the muffin recipe too - theyre on the list so watch this space!


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