Saturday, 4 September 2010

You say courgette I say zucchini...

Today was Day four in my week of courgette cuisine (i'm determined not to waste any of them). But instead of courgettes today were talking zucchinis, there is a reason for this madness - I promise. For one thing, I figured that if I gave them a different name I might get them past the family for another day running before courgette fatigue sets in - and its in honour of Dom at Bellaukitchen as I believe this recipe came from the states in the first place!

The dish consists of lightly coated fried strips of courgette, loads of mozzarella and a truly gorgeous tomato sauce. The sauce is definitely the secret weapon in this recipe and im going to have a go at freezing some on its own for future use, it has a good glug of balsamic vinegar and white wine in it so it has that sweet and tart taste that you get from seaside ketchup if you know what I mean - lovely!

I topped it with parmesan and then baked until it was ready - the only probelm was waiting for it to cool down before we could dig in! If you try one courgette recipe this season then I would definitely give this a go - it was delicious. BH rated it as his favourite so far ( I think it helped that I didn't call it a lasagne so he wasnt looking longingly for the pasta!)

So it was a big thumbs up from the freerangers - thanks for recipe Dom, we all voted it Truly Great!

But I couldnt end todays post without sharing this picture of freerangenan and bionic grandpas flower baskets - theyve gone crazy this year. I wouldnt be surprised if they get a fine for taking over the pavement without a permit!


  1. I have to try this recipe very soon, looks great.

  2. I have a wonderful dessert recipe using courgette/zucchini. It's called Pineappleless Pineapple Pudding Cakes. I'm not sure Pineappleless is actually a word, but I'm sure that our family and farm workers loved them!

  3. That recipe sounds really delicious and it looks so appetising, I might give this one a go. Wonderful flower baskets.

  4. Oh yes good old brid you can't beat it! A quiet part too you have found there! My favourite beach is the local Skinningrove as Freida and I have it to ourselves - totally! When I was teaching in Nottingham I missed the sea so much. Now back home I make sure I vist at least a couple of times a week! We are off to the west today - Ingleton re business! Lovely ride in store!

  5. Looks delicious - one of our courgettes is a variety called zucchini - it has an identity problem.

  6. Thanks everyone - your keeping me going on this quest to use every last courgette!

    Have a lovely time in Ingleton Mrs N - Im sure the ride will be fantastic!

    thanks for the recipe Patrice - Im puttingit on my list if I have any courgettes left by then!


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