Friday, 20 August 2010

Good Foundations...

The day of concretion has come at last! The concrete mixer arrived very early (much earlier than we expected!) and we shot out of bed and straight into our wellies to get shovelling. BH was on barrow duty and I was literally up to my wellytops in conc until the Bionic Grandpa arrived with his rake in hand to rescue me. Id love to say that I finished the job off and was responsible for the end product - but I didnt want to get in their way (handy that!) and I retreated to teamaking duty!

After much moving and smoothing we have our first base down and we couldnt be prouder - sad I know - but i cant wait for it to dry so I can put the patio chairs out on it and imagine what it will be like!

Elsewhere, Im glad to say that we have more late colour popping up...

and these are still busting out all over - I wasnt sure at first as the leaves have looked scabby all summer but weve had about 20 courgettes off it and its still going strong - and they taste lovely - much less bitter than the green ones can be.

BH dug up his first potatoes. He's very proud - i think he may end up framing these! I only planted maincroppers this year and Ive been too nervous to dig em up in case they were too small but so far so good...

and at last - the toms are making it from the green house to the table. As usual they'll all come at once. Thank goodness for Tomato salads....and soup...and pasta sauce...and ratatouille (speaking of which has any got a good recipe for this one that will freeze - Ive got to do something with all these courgettes!!!


  1. Courgette leaves often look scabby or mildewy but the pkants seem to manage to produce lots of fruits.

  2. Now somewhere this week I heard somebody talking about a lovely yellow courgette soup - hmmm will have a think and get back to you!


  3. The potatoes look a very respectable size. I haven't dug any of our maincrop potatoes up yet, I'm still eating my second earlies.

  4. Good picture of your tomato salad. Wouldn't look out of place in a foodie mag :D


  5. What a fantastic haul from your garden ... lucky you.

    Have you tried Nigella's Happiness Soup which uses yellow courgettes?

    Best of luch with the building!

  6. Yea for construction progress!

    Your produce pickings look great!

  7. Our tomatoes are ripening on a very respectable schedule. I get just enough every week for a salad or two and slices for sandwiches. It's odd to me that we spend all year waiting for summer to arrive, and, now that it's here, all I can seem to do is plan for fall and winter...

  8. wow... go girl with your veg!... I just pulled out a whole load of carrots... all teeny cos I overcrowded them but all very tasty!... I have a great courgette recipe (sorry to sing my own praises) but try this one for courgette lasagne:

  9. Congrats on your concrete base. We have same problem with courgettes - I made up a load of courgette soup for the freezer yesterday. We're eating them as the main part of every meal and still can't keep on top of them. Have both green and yellow, but no bitter ones yet - touch wood! Your tomatoes look wonderful.

  10. Hello comrade! With Yorkshire courgettes I often do this. Get baking tray, brush some olive oil on it. Place slices of courgette upon it - less than a quarter inch thick. Brush some olive oil on the upwards facing surfaces. Season with salt and pepper and then sprinkle some dried basil over them. Roast in a hot oven turning once. They'll brown a little. Takes about twenty minutes max. A lovely "side" for different meals from spaghetti to a Sunday roast. I have a courgette that I missed up our garden and it has grown into a real whopper weighing in at just over eleven pounds. I am going to carve it out and use it as a canoe.

  11. Those courgettes are looking super, this year. Don't worry about the scabby leaves - they often look like that - makes no difference to the lovely taste. x


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