Thursday, 19 August 2010

Birthday blooms...

Well its finally been and gone - the birthday that is. We had a lovely meal with friends and family and a good time was had by all, until I realised that I was actually getting older and my midlife crisis was looming. Fortunately my little ones had been baking with Freerangenana and surprised me with this - if crisis looms call for cake!

The jug and cushion were my presents too - The freerangekiddlys know mums taste very well!

I took the opportunity of having so many helpers on hand to get a spot of weeding and planting done. Gardengirl was here and she bravely donned the nettle armor and fought back the onslaught of weeds we call our Long Border! We managed to liberate the beans which had been hiding in 'Nettle Hole and this Salvia 'Hotlips' - i'm so proud of this plant as I bought it at the start of the summer with just three reedy prongs coming up from it - hasn't it done well!

We had a birthday trip to Reighton Nurseries. This is not far from us and is amongst my favourite nurseries ever - if there are any Reightonites reading this they'll know why! It's a plant persons paradise - no coffee shop, just fields of plants of every variety under the sun and so cheap. This was Gardengirls first trip and her face was a picture! I think she's coming back with a trailer next time.

I couldnt resist getting a bit more late summer colour...

and a bit more still...

Thankfully I had Gardengirl on hand to tell me what would grow into what and where to stick it (which she did very politely i might add!) - she even planted them out for me (i'm not sure she trusted me to do it right!)

So I blew out my candles, stocked up on anti ageing cream and made my wish...and guess what, it came true...

They've finally gone red!!!


  1. Happy Birthday. Isn't it amazing, the curing powers of cake!

  2. Happy Birthday, I love those pansies :-)

  3. Happy birthday, It sounds like you had a lovely day. You're birthday cake looks scrummy. I had a salvia Hot Lips last year but unfortunately it didn't survive the winter. Reighton Nurseries sounds interesting, we'll have to have a trip over there one day. Glad to see that your tomatoes are finally on the turn.

  4. Glad to hear you had a lovely day. Plants look does the cake (Obviously I have to say that so that Freerangenana might consider sending one my way when it's time) :D
    Lots of Love

  5. Can't remember so far back to my midlife crisis! Oh yes I can - I cut down on the cake!

  6. Thanks for the Birthday wishes everyone - this is my first birthday as a blogger and its been great! If you do ever get the chance to visit Reighton Nurseries then do - its amazing - I'll be the women wandering round filling up way too many wheelbarrows with plants!


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