Tuesday, 3 August 2010

All dug out...

I never want to see another foundation trench in my life - not ever, never, ever! We have dug and dug and dug some more - actually BH did most of the digging with a little help from his friends, but all the same, I do feel that we should strike oil or breakthrough to Oz or something at this rate!

After supplying enough tea to fill the trench I was allowed some time off for good behaviour so instead of lying down in a darkened room , which now sound really good, I got some weeding done at last. I swear my nettles are on magic hormone growth stimulant. they're taking over! I cleared an area of the border which was completely tangled with weeds and managed to get some of the plants which have been sitting waiting in the greenhouse into the ground - I know its late in the year but better than never as they say...

This was my first feelgood spot of the day. I love the blue of this Veronica...

but then I got the Hydrangea Lanarth White into the ground and that became my fave of the day, I cant wait till it fills out more, i've really developed a crush on white hydrangeas...

but then I managed to finish one of the knitting projects thats been sitting in my basket for ages. On their own these wrist warmers are pretty so so, but once my daughter got her hands on them they took on a life of their own and the feelgood factor was decided!

I've been promised a day off tomorrow, we'll see...


  1. Wow, you got loads done on your "down" time!!!

    Did you make nettle soup with your haul - or were you sane and throw them away?????

    P.S. Daughter and mittins both look beautiful.

  2. Thanks for your lovely comment BG - we definitely did the sane thing with the nettles after trying to make nettle beer and nearly blowing up the kitchen with an explosive potion that smelt like wee! Im definitely leaving that to the experts from now on!

  3. BG asked the question I was going to ask, pity the nettle wine didn't go to well. Perhaps you could put some in a bucket with water to make a food for your lovely hydrangeas. Although again they say the smell is awfull. Years ago I would not have looked twice at hydrangeas thinking they were granny plants but now I love them to bits.

  4. Hi Shagrat - your absolutely right about making a nettle feed. Ive got some stewing in a bucket but it does smell evil. I might give nettle based products another go but only when I can fumigate the kitchen!

  5. Aah - my wife just made some of those for our daughter. Nice. I have wondered wether men just don't mind hacking away at things for extended periods with seemingly little reward. I seem to be pretty good at it when we have big jobs on!

  6. I wish I could knit as my girls want legwarmers....Wow1 What a blast from the past legarmers are!!!
    You are sure keeping busy!

  7. thanks for coming and visiting me, lovely to find your blog .. am having a read through now

  8. Hi Chris - You know Yorkshire fishermaen used to knit frequently on their shore time time so im told, so theres no excuse - get your needles out!

    Hi Country Cupcakes - thanks for dropping in I love your site - my daughter has mentioned matching legwarmers - we'll be reenacting scenes from Fame before were finished!

    Hi Nocton4 lovely to see you, thanks for popping in!

  9. My goodness! That trench looks like an archeological dig unearthing bronze age relics. I'm impressed no end to the work you have done on this project so far. Looking forward to reading more. Cheers!


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