Friday, 30 July 2010

One brick at a time

Now I'm on holiday its full steam ahead with our building project. We are awaiting planning permission and Im trying not to think too much about that. The whole reason for developing this project is that none of the rooms on our house look onto the garden. The house is of its time when picture windows wouldnt be 'wasted' on the back of the house. If all goes to plan we will have a two storey extension built sympathatically and in keeping the rest of things, with views onto our garden and looking up to the church we were married in...aaah. If things dont go well, then ...well like I said, Im not going to think about that!

Either way we had to knock down the existing extension as the damp was horrific in there. I think BH was pleased to be getting on with something but I would rather be doing it with the next stage fully agreed. When you see it at this stage it looks pretty horrific - I keep reminding myself to have faith - I know that BH isnt planning a permanent outside loo!

BH is doing this on his own and I know he's getting fed up with barrowing rubble aready - hang in there BH, it'll be worth it just to get rid of those tiles!

It does mean that the top of the garden is getting some attention as neither of us can bear to look too much at the garden surrounding the gravel pit. I think I will follow the lead of many of the blogs I follow and focus on looking for a beauty spot each day, so that I focus on the right stuff.

Todays feelgood factor came from these...


  1. A great idea to focus on a spot of beauty each day! We have done various projects on the house - we have been here for 19 years now and next year we are having a big rethink about the layout so we will be in a period of chaos for some time. One of the fables I read to my class always comes to mind - there was a lady in a village who complained her house was small. The wise woman in the village told her tp put her cows in the kitchen, the sheep in the living room, the lambs in the bedroom and the horses in the bathroom. She did this and went back to the wise woman who told her each day, to take out one animal. She did this and thought "Oh there's a bit more room now" so on until the house was empty and she thought "What a big house I have got" So as each small improvement takes place just think how much better everything will be when the project is completed. Hope this makes sense hun Dxx

  2. Good luck with the planning permission. Certainly sounds as all the hardwork will be worth it though.

  3. The toilet looks very funny sitting in your back garden!!!

  4. Wow. Lots of hard work. Hope you have enough energy for it!

    I think you're right about the thing of beauty idea, focussing (focusing?) on something lovely and/or peaceful can be reviving and energising in a way that looking at the next job of hard work just doesn't manage. Happy hols anyway.


  5. Hi Mrs N - I read that story at school too - my husband thinks its very fitting and hes talking a bout moving a goat into the kitchen before i suggest any more home improvements! The thing is my fathers a builder and I grew up with a bag of cement permanently in the corner of one room or another - its in the blood!

  6. Thanks Choclette - Im keeping my fingers crossed - and my toes!

    Hi Brownieville Girl - thankfully the toilet has now gone - and the toilet rool that was sitting on tip of it!

    Thanks Nicky - Right now im not sure I have the energy for anything - weve spent antoher day digging trenches, only stopping to throw a football at each other and sing 'can you stop the cavalry'! We're planning a day off for some r and r!

  7. Good grief, what a job. Your DH is like the energizer bunny - just keeps going and going and going. LOL I got quite a chuckle at the loo. You'll enjoy that pic years to come. :-D


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