Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Scarecrow fever...

We know how to have a good time in Yorkshire!

Not for us the monotony of the shopping mall and the carousel of consumerism, oh no...when we want to have a good time we make scarecrows!

Scaresheep in fact!

We had a family day out, a brief respite before work starts on the big build, and visited the Muston village Scarecrow festival.
This has been running for a few years now and lots of villagers get involved. I'm amazed by the effort that goes in and by the new ideas people come up year on year. We had a great time scarecrowspotting!

Citygirl was with us and I could tell she wasnt sure and her expectations werent high, but that was before she saw this!

The ScareSnowman!

The Village Green came complete with its own Morris Dancers...

and resident band, (i'm glad to see the moles that were digging up my lawn have found gainful employment!)

I even got to meet my heroes Tom and Barbara from The Good Life (although BH insists I'm more of a Margot - cheek!)

I think we might be in danger of converting Citygirl to country fun, particularly after she found these lovelies!


  1. So cool. I especially like the knitting sheep and the moles. There is a Scarecrow fair happening in West Kilbride this weekend. We went last year( I'd likr to go again, but i've already had a busy week, combining work with pleasure, lets see what happens.

    PS Whose that peeking out from the top of the last photograph?! Cute.

  2. Thanks mangocheeks, that'll be BH peeking over the top (cant resist the limelight you know!).

    I fancy getting a self knitting sheep myself, I might get some of my knitting projects finished that way!

  3. If I remember correctly this village is near Filey? Hmm we might well have a tootle up on the motorbike in the next couple of days. Nearer to us we have the same type of display in Hinderwell! Ofcourse the first one you come across ids the traffic policeman! lol! Not that I have anything to worry about - well not in my 4x4! The motorbike? Well - I am just the person on the back! lol!

  4. Oh wow!!!!
    Gotta love a good Scarecrow festival...a chance to catch up with all my relatives :)

  5. Must have taken an ages to create all those - they look great.

  6. I thought Morris dancers were more down Cornwall direction?

  7. Dang, I wish there was a cool event like that around here... That's the only time I've been happy to see a mole!

  8. Hi MrsNesbitt - Youre right it is near Filey - thanks for dropping in and commenting, lovely to hear from you

    Hi Scarecrow - I did look for you there - definitiely saw some of your cousins!

    Hi Green Lane - I know what you mean I think they must be working on them year round - its definitely the best ive been to.

    Hi Elephants Eye - Thanks for dropping by. You never know where the great British Morris Dancer will pop up! (At least these were silent!)

    Hi Taylorgirl6 - maybe you could make some strawchickens!, thanks for popping in its great to hear from you.

  9. Wow! That is so great! I've never seen anything like it. What a fun idea! Hmmmmmyou've given me a project to get the neighbors talking this fall LOL!

  10. Hi Katidids - glad you like it - I cant wait to see what you come up with! let me know!

  11. Scarecrow festival - who would of thought of that except a community of gardeners. How fun.


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