Saturday, 24 July 2010

Holidays are here!!!

Hoorah!!! They're here at last - after counting down the sleeps and asking how many 'get ups', the summer holidays are finally here! I intended to write a post each night this week as I counted down the days but what with school discos and Governors meetings and what have you i've been too tired to write my own name never mind anything else. But Friday came at last - the end of the term and for me the end of an era, as I finished the job i've been doing (a long way from home) and prepare to take on one much closer to the old homestead. Hoorah!!!

These were waiting for me when I got home...

...along with balloons and my very own ticker tape parade - bless my tribe - they've seen me through every get up and were still there to blow the champagne corks when it came to an end!

This cake was made by one of my parents - I am in awe of their talents and intend to copy this for all my friends!

Once the champagne bubbles have faded I intend to spend the rest of the summer in the garden - the weeds are gathering momentum and it feels already as though the season is slipping away from me. I cant believe I'm excited about raking and hoeing but there it is! the only thing that looks lush in the border at the moment is this Yarrow 'Summer Berries' and even that is in the wrong place and needs moving next year...

But the best thing about breaking up for the summer, the very bestest and loveliest most smashing thing of all is... no more dashing off before breakfast to commute and leaving these two lovelies in bed; and a whole summer of 'Jesse and Woody' fabness ahead - double hoorahs all round!



  1. Have a lovely holiday. Before we moved to NZ I used to be a teacher - Latterly I taught children with severe autism and I cannot tell you how much I needed the long summer holiday!
    You enjoy your gorgeous garden, you deserve it!

  2. I used to be a teacher too and needed the long break - then I went to work for the LA as an ICT consultant ( I wanted to specailise in something) The long break disappeared as they considered we were local gov officers. Still worked the same way as when I was teaching - I was just teaching adults and children too - I really missed the summer break!

  3. Happy Holidays :-}}}}}

    Fantastic photos of "J & W" - how cute are they???

  4. Wow, I love that cake! It looks did it taste?

  5. Hi Barbara, thanks for dropping in! The cake was lovely - as long as you're into icing which i am definitely am. Ive just got to try and recreate it now!

  6. Just started reading more posts, Freerangegirl. (Might I know your first name?) And I realized how on earth could I comment on the cake, lovely as it is, and not those two adorable children?! They are by far more lovely! I taught high school English for 32 years and retired 5 years ago. I don't miss the 5AM wake-ups, the rushing to school (45 minute drive to get there by 7AM) and all of the attendant stress/grading/preparation of teaching, but sometimes I miss the fun I had with my students and daily contact with my peers. I know too well your joy at summer break. And Lord knows we teachers need it to recharge! Enjoy!!

  7. Thankyou for your lovely comments Barbara. I know what you mean about being ready for the break. I love my job but im really looking forward to a good recharge and just being a mum for the summer. My Better Half gave up his job in the film industry to be a stay at home dad and he's doing a fantastic job, but the holidays are my time to enjoy them without all the crazy dashing around I do in term time. I can see why you miss it, but I can see your enjoying retirement too - good on you!


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