Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Our Yorkshire Getaway...

Now I wouldn't want anyone to get the wrong impression and think we're always off gallivanting, but this week is a very busy one for me, my wedding anniversary (8 years1)and birthday (too many years!) fall within 6 days of each other - and if that's not an excuse for a bit of gallivanting, I don't know what is!

We took up the lovely FreerangeGrandparents offer of a sleepover for the Wee Ones and snuck off to Crab Manor over in North Yorkshire. I cant believe I didnt photograph if from the front as its quite a beautiful building, but you can check it out at Its a Manor House hotel attached to a restaurant, but it's so much more! Every room is themed around a famous hotel around the world and styled accordingly. Even though we'd read the brochure we still didnt really know what to expect, but I can definitely say it was out of this world!

This was the view from our window - I wish my lawn looked that green!

These gardens surrounded the path to the restaurant...

I do love a claw foot bath - I could have stayed in there all weekend...

This was our room 'The Ritz' - well we had to go for a London hotel didnt we!

The restaurant has to be seen to be believed. No photo could really do it justice and I didnt have a flash on me, but it is packed to the rafters with truly eclectic paraphernalia, everything from an antique wicker bathchair to racing paddock passes hang from the ceiling and your eyes are drawn to new wonders wherever you look. We are thinking about going back and sneaking our own memento onto the shelves to see if anyone notices!

There were surprises to be found all over the Manor - a 12 foot stuffed Yeti (described as the 'night porter'!)and gorgeous vintage furniture - but BHs favourite was this little note that awaited him in our room...

Needless to say it was a very successful treasure hunt!


  1. Looks lovely - something beyond our worldly means - I guess this is where the North / South issue kicks in! Sad really Dxx

  2. Hello! I just followed your blog. We started blogging about the same time from what I can see. Your gallivanting looked to be a lovely time. Pop over and take a look at my blog if you have a chance. Patrice

  3. OMG lucky you! really need to go off and find a fabulous weekend for myself and The Big V... (it's his birthday same day as mine and because i'm 40 this year everyone's expecting him to do something big for me so I could surprise him with this kind of thing...) needs to be totally food and drink related, thanks for the inspiration

  4. Hi Mrs N - I can promise you North and South doesnt come into it. Since moving up here Im the only wage earner in our house so treats like this are few and far between - we have a saving pot for grown up getaways on special occasions like anniversaries - One that we could only really afford to have since coming North!

  5. Hi Dom - I think youd love it. The food was great particularly if you like seafood. Or you could try the Black Swan in Helmsley - we went there for BHs fortieth and sampled there gourmand menu and wine taster experience - It was out of this world (from what I could remember after too many dessert wines!)

  6. Hi Patrice - Its really nice to meet you - thanks for dropping in. You have a great blog, Ive definitely been gathering inspiration from your layout! Hope to see you again:)

  7. Thanks for the comments on my blog, I think I will have to have a word with Arthur only giving him two blog posts!! nice place you went to, might look that up if we are in the area.
    See Yea George xxx

  8. Hi! Just found you from Mrs Nesbitt's blog. We Yorkshire folk have to stick together. Crab Manor looks and sounds lovely - everyone needs a bit of cossetting now and then. Do pop over and see me when you have time.

  9. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary and happy birthday. It looks like you found a wonderful place for your celebrations. It was our 20th wedding anniversary this year but we didn't do anything special.

  10. Hi Jo - congrats on your 20th - thats great! I look forward to celebrating ours - if BH can put up with me that long!


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