Thursday, 5 August 2010

Its Showtime...

I do love a Country Show, I love everything about them , the live stock, the Fur and Feather, the craft stalls, the things you buy that you never knew you needed and above all the chance to imagine i'm a farmer for the day! After our busy schedule over the past few weeks my Better Half said 'enough was enough' and packed us all off to the Thornton le Dale Show in North Yorkshire. We have a great show just up the road from us, the Driffield show, but its often in term time so I can never go. We also have the Great Yorkshire Show which I hear is fantastic, but again its in term time so I only get to read the reviews. But God Bless the organisers of the Thornton Le Dale spectacular - they know that teachers love a good show too!

My mum - FreeRangeNan! and me spent ages eyeing up these Rams as likely winners in their beauty contest

Who could resist this cheeky fella!

They all had star appeal (I think those sideburns should have got a rosette myself!)

But eventually the winner was one from a completely different pen so we never got to see him!

I think we weren't the only ones disappointed...

We soon found consolation however in the form of the tastiest cupcakes I've ever tried ( and i've tried a few as my losing battle to get into my skinny jeans has shown!) I thought I was totally over cupcakes. You know once there in Greggs then maybe the best has already been and gone and I was fed up by being disappointed by sickly sweet creations that were all style over substance; see I said I'd tried a few in my time. But when I found the mama doreens stand I decided to have one last fling with the buttercream!

This cupcake business ( ) is based in Harrogate in Yorkshire and all their cakes are made using locally sourced ingredients wherever possible. I found from their website that they deliver so guess what my relatives are getting for their birthdays! This is Jessica who selected four gorgeous concoctions for me and was doing a great job dealing with the crowds they were attracting.

We had a 'grand day out', the horses, the sheep, the fancy bantams, the tractors, the cupcakes - whats not to love! Ive only ever helped with oragnising school fetes and knowing what a minefield they can be, I certainly appreciate the work that must go on putting on an event like this - its certainly worth it! I felt proud to be a countrygal, proud of my Yorkshire roots and even at times a little bit like a farmer ( im working on my sideburns as we speak!)

We got home shattered, but not too tired for these...

I think I may have found my perfect cupcake - who needs skinny jeans anyway...


  1. I love country shows - they call them A&P shows here and we have one every November, it's one of my yearly highlights! And those cupcakes...yum!

  2. I did not hear about country shows in our country. Thank you very much, it is very interesting!

  3. Thornton - le dale is a favourite tea stop for us when we are out n about on the motorbike - infact we were there last Sunday. There is a FANTASTIC gallery there, just between the pub and the tea/icecream shop. Currently they have some awesome paintings of Hares - wonderful! It is approaching Danby then Egton show too - then next Wednesdays. These are the biggest and Ryedale show too! This Sunday we are off to Pickering Traction Engine Show - we have one you know - it is in the garage and is wired into our electricity so in the event of a powercut we can have some deisel generated power! lol!


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