Sunday, 31 October 2010

Pumpkins, pasta and plenty of painkillers...

Well I feel as though I'm a stranger to my own blog at the moment. Once again being able to sit down and type seems like the greatest luxury, perhaps when I talk you through the last week you ll see why!

It all started pretty well, I was following Jamie's thirty minute suppers and we made porcini tagliatelle, mushroom pasta in fact. The raw materials were assembled, the timer was started and I'm pleased to say that before the thirty minutes were up...pasta was served.

That Jamie really knows his onions, and his mushrooms for that matter. The result was delicious...

The only thing I would question are his portion sizes, this made enough for both of us and packed lunched the following day, Jules Oliver certainly doesn't fit into those frocks on this this diet!

So far so good... then came the day of the great support. No, not a fitting for ladies undergarments, but the the day the steel support were lifted in through the window and put into place ready for the hall wall to be knocked out. Now on Grand Designs this always involves a crane and lots of men in hard hats shouting 'steady on ' - not in this house it doesn't! Instead the sturdiest chaps we could muster were assembled and the thing was lifted in by hand to cries of , well its probably best not to repeat them to be honest!

So the blog was put on hold again...

And then just as the skip arrived and the all of the rubble needed removing BHs back took a turn for the worse. Skips don't fill themselves so sleeves had to be rolled up and wheelbarrows had to be filled. Of course children had to be fed and pumpkins had to be carved too!

So the blog was put on hold again...

So now I'm glad to say wall have been demolished,  rubble is removed, children have been fed, pumpkins carved, tricks treated, invalids medicated and were all well on the way to recovery.

Its nice to be back...Happy Halloween!!!

From all of us xxx


  1. Happy Halloween to you and to your two furry members of the house hold. Hopefully the building work will be just a one off, cooking well thats 24-7
    See Yea George xxx

  2. Wonderful! progress without dust and back ache is not progress!

  3. Happy Halloween!! Life gets in the way of blog writing sometimes - what can you do?

  4. Sounds like you've had a busy week. Those pumpkins look great, I didn't carve any this year.

  5. love the pumpkins... the house is really coming together... so exciting!

  6. It's good to get so much done, but it certainly makes slowing down feel even better.

  7. I remember the excitement of looking out of new windows and imagining the garden that would one day be there! Have just caught up on your Ocotober ...

  8. Hope the painkillers did the job!

    Love the pumkpins!

  9. Take your time. We will be here when you return.

    Adore the first photograph. I would love to do that, but the neds around here would have pinched them. Maybe oneday. Take care.


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