Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Autumn colour at Harlow Carr...

We had a trip out at the weekend to the stunning RHS garden 'Harlow Carr'. I start to lose interest in the garden at this time of year as it just seems like one chore after another - but this proved the perfect antidote to yet another days leaf raking!

A shot of autumn colour to chase the blues away!

 The Harlow Carr Garden is just over an hour away from us, just outside of Harrogate. I wasn't sure if there would be much to see at this time of year, but I was definitely wrong. Shades of Autumn coloured the landscape and the planting was so well thought out to ensure that the very last drops of colour would be around to see out the season...

 The long border garden was beautiful - Ive made a promise to myself to go back and see it throughout the year. How did it inspire me - well for one thing I wont be daunted by the size of my border any more, I mean look at the size of these! and I'm determined to plant on a bigger scale. When i put one or two plants in they just get lost in our long border and have no effect - not any more - scouts honour!

 I love this tea 'leaf' pot - although I'm not sure how its poured!

 My next resolution for next year - to plant more foliage. I didn't used to see the point of plants that weren't showy and flamboyant. My how my tastes have changed!

 But I couldn't give up colour completely - these pinks and purples were much brighter than they came out on camera - and a joy on a cloudy October day...

 We found these in the woods - sorry  - arboretum! I did wonder about something like this as a garden feature, BH just rolled his eyes!

 and the Freerangers had the bestest time with miles of garden to run round, log mazes to explore, willow whales to hide in and plenty of ice cream - a grand day out indeed!


  1. Did you find the leaf mould bear in the woods? If you're planning on returning to Harlow Carr throughout the year, you can get RHS membership on the Tesco Clubcard Deals website for £16 in vouchers. This allows you and your partner in to the RHS gardens for free, as well as other recommended gardens.

  2. Hi Jo - no we didnt wee the bear we'll look a bit closer next time! thanks for the tip on the clubcard vouchers, Im definitely going to use that idea. Cheers!


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