Tuesday, 19 October 2010

National Baking Week

Did you know that it's National Baking Week here in the UK...I know, any excuse to fire up the ovens!
We got ahead of the game on Sunday and continued our adventures in breadmaking. We started with a bread machine but reverted hand kneading over the past few months. My first loaves were solid little affairs best used in self defense rather than self sufficiency! But I'm proud to say that after lots of trial and error... We're getting there...

But of course Freerangers cannot live on bread alone - they need cookies too, white chocolate and cranberry to be precise ( they started as Nigella white chocolate and pistachio but I'm always looking for a reason to crack out the cranberries).

Since the oven was already on ( that's my favourite baking excuse of the moment) I put some brownies in too. C'mon it's not baking without brownies! Again the recipe is courtesy of Nigellas Domestic Goddess, but this time without the walnuts (little freerangers spit them out - heathens that they are!) I replaced them with cherries and cranberries and I was quite pleased with the end product if I do say so myself. They taste quite Christmas cakey but still with plenty of chocolate loveliness...

The other thing I want to bake this week are some scones - mostly as a challenge as Ive never baked them before...I know shocking! But what about you... What will you be baking this week?...

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  1. Scones are a must, and I too will give them a go, but not sure whether mine will be fruit or plain. Never tried bread but it looks exciting, and I suppose NBW gives me the perfect excuse...I quite fancy trying home made Mediterranean bread but I should probably learn to walk before I can run :D
    I'll mostly be making cupcakes though as I have to perfect my decoration on them in readiness for halloween. x

  2. Everything looks so good!!

  3. Wonderful use of an oven!!!!

    I'd love one of those cookies, please :-}

  4. Scones are not that difficult to make and very yummy. This week I'll be baking a loaf of bread and some utterly yummy garlic &onion wholewheat rolls.

  5. I use my breadmaker to make the dough, then tip it out and divide it up in to breadcakes which I then bake in the oven. There's nothing quite like the taste of home made bread or the smell of it baking in the oven. I didn't know that it's National Baking Week, I've got some more cooking apples to use up so I'll be joining in.

  6. Everything looks fabulous. Nothing quite like home-made bread...x

  7. Never read blogs when hungry! I am so now I can tell you! Just discovered a great place in Whitby who sell just pies in the restaurant. It is called Humble Pie n Mash and is over the swing bridge (heading out of Whitby) Best thing is they use the bero Homebaking book for all the recipes and the decor is set in 1930's - you'd love it! A pie meal is £4.99! Real good value I would say.

  8. Try this recipe: http://www.rachelallen.co.uk/recipes_april09.html#r2 It's my favourite bread. :)

  9. Actually I baked Dog Treats this week, a new one for me; also Potato-Onion Bread and a Vegetarian Stromboli.
    I'd love to try some of your recipes!
    (They look sooo good)

  10. Hi MM - I m looking forward to hearing about your halloween decorations, I have it on good authority they are quite something! lovele to hear from you x

    Thanks Mel x

    Hi Yolanda - thanks for visiting, the garlic rolls sound delicious!

    Hi Jo, Ive never thought to use the breadmaker to do the kneading - good idea!

    Hi Elizabeth - i totally agree, i am hooked on homemade bread, not so good for my waist line but good for the soul!

    Hello Mrs N, I cant wait to try Humble Pie n mash, BH has been longing for a good pie and mash shop since we left london! It sounds great, and my mum swears by the Bero book! thanks for the tip off x

    Thanks Amy i will definitley give this a go, and I'll let you know. I've just got Rachel Allens book from the library it all looks very yum!

    Hi Gardening Jones, thankyou so much for commenting, sorry its taken me so long to reply. Im going to drop in and find out all about your dog treats - Arthur and Pearl insist!


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