Sunday, 10 October 2010

Jack Rustling and late harvesting...

Its been a busy day in the garden today and I still don't feel like we got all of our jobs done! Before we get to anything we had mountains of leaves to rake up and apples to collect. Arthur our Airedale has calmed down a lot this year and so we managed to avoid having to wrestle the rake off of him - as was the case last year! But Pearl soon put paid to any plans we had of getting the job done quickly!

As soon as raked them, she jumped in and rustle them!

She tried hiding but no-one was falling for it!

At this rate we'll never get anything done!

I did manage to clean out our little green house which had been taken over by the butternut squashes which grew everywhere but never bore fruit. I learnt too late that its better to cut them back and force the fruit on - oh well - there's always next year! We got the lawn cut at last - we weren't the only ones trying to make the most of the good weather, the hum of lawn mowers and the scent of Jeyes fluid was in the air! It does feel like a race to get these jobs done before bad weather sets in - what did you get done this weekend, or are you like me and still have a list as long as your arm to get through?

We are still picking though. Tomatoes, chillis and cucumbers are coming in thick and fast. After dropping half the harvest on the way back to the house I finally got these to the kitchen... that'll teach me to take a basket with me!


  1. happy days, we've had a busy garden day too.
    happy week x

  2. oh that is just too cute seeing your pup peek out of the leaves!! much work to do.
    we have a bumper crop of apples this year.
    my little daughters pick them and wash them and then they get to sell them.

    it's a great job and they love "gettin' rich"

    have a wonderful day~

  3. i love those kind of autumn days, even if all the help wasn't totally helpful!

  4. I love your dogs! They can be naughtier than children but somehow never get told off!

  5. Oh yes the jobs - we had a break and headed for some sunshine yesterday! Well worth it!


  6. Pearl would make a good partner in crime for Archie, puppies are so full of mischief. I didn't get much done in the garden at all this weekend, I must make up for it this week.

  7. Might a Yank ask -- what is Jeyes fluid?

    Lots of yardwork doing here too...and the leaves are starting to fall. Raking here won't be near as much fun though, without a Pearl in the pile! :-D

  8. Our lab pup did the same thing when he was little. It was too cute to tell him to stop.

    Our list is longer than two sets of arms put together! Remodeling the upstairs has taken over our lives, and this week we're getting a new furnace. I can only hope things will settle down after that. Autumn chores are my favorite, and I'd hate to miss out!!

  9. Your tomato and chili bowl looks amazing! We're hoping to get a mini greenhouse set up for next year to grow tomatoes and we'll be planting a squash patch too. It's good to know that they need to be cut back. I'm looking forward to planting again already!

  10. No tomatoes left - all picked - but jobs to do? Lots and ... lots and ... lots!

  11. I've just been catching up on your blog, my my you have been busy, I love the new member to the family, Pearl and it nice to see Arther to, I think it would take more leaves to cover him lol!!
    See Yea George xxx

  12. Hi Nocton4 - it certainly was a nice day in the garden, im not holding out too much hope for thweather this weekend - we'll see!

    Chastity - hi, i love the idea of your daughters, she sounds like a future businesswoman in the making - go girl!!!

    Hi CC, youve got a good point, although both my children and dogs have a habit of making themselves scarce in the garden if troubles brewing - theyre not daft!

    Mrs N - hi there, dont blame you heading off for some sunshine, enjoy it whilst it lasts!

    Jo, Hiya, dogs and meticulous gardens definitely dont mix, im sure Pearl and Archie would be great buddies, but I dont know if either of us would have any garden left!

    Hi Kris - Jeyes fluid, what can I say, its just an ordinary outdoor disifectant to some, but its the smell of chores to me aahhh! sad I know!

    Hi Taylorgirl6 - remodelling, building, diy and all of it - they seem like such a good idea when you dream them up in the bath - fastforward 3 years and I just want a bedroom that doesnt fell like student digs!!! Good luck with your chores!

    Sue, Hiya - everything definitely takes three times longer with children and animals in the mix!

    Hi Amy - I started with a mini greenhouse when we lived in London, they definitely help you get started a little earlier in the year. I m really looking forward to hearing about your squash patch next year...

    Hi GLA, well done on the toms, im still picking! but just as you, the jobs go on and on and on...!

    Big 'woof out' to George, Arthur would come to the keyboard but he's parked in front of the fire watching the Mentalist (he's got a fascination with trashy tv!)Oh well - at least he's sat still!


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