Sunday, 3 October 2010

Hats off to the WI...

Reader, I have a confession. I am a member of the WI. No, that's not the whole truth. For the previous year I've been the president of my WI, leading monthly meetings and attending council meetings as and when required. At first I was just offered a taste, just the odd meeting when I could make it so I could get to know people in my village, but before I knew it I found that it wasnt enough and I needed more - what started as a voluntary membership became a fully paid up place on the committee!

Last Thursday we had our group rally where we get together with other local Institutes and enjoy an evening of entertainment together. This evening marked the end of my year as President as I decided that although it was fun, what with my new job and all I can't really give it the time it deserves.

But in celebration of what was a fab year I wanted to share some of our competition entries to show just how creative the ladies of the institute can be! The theme of our competition was  'a hat for all seasons' and every institute interpreted there own way...

 This was ours...not a bad effort I thought, in fact we came a very respectable second...

 This was our neighbouring village - to be honest I'd wear any of these - I think they're so glam!

this was the winner, and deservedly so... the hats were very detailed and beautifully presented.

I don't know if I'd wear it , but this was definitely my favourite. just a shame that none of the ladies would model it...perfect for a mad hatters tea party!

and it wouldn't be a WI meeting without a bit of a spread - the ladies did us proud...

So there it is, my year as 'El Presidente' has come to an end. Its been good but I'm more than happy to hand the baton on! I wonder how many of you belong to secret societies also! I still have my Tufty club badge and my Dennis the Menace club badge - guess I've always had the joining gene!


  1. There are some great hats there, definitely some that I'd wear too. I'm not a member of the WI but I weas a member of the Tufty Club, though I don't know what happened to my badge.

  2. Love this! I got the best gift ever for my birthday this year, which was the WI Home Handbook... tells me things such as 'one should always purchase the more expensive, quality washing up liquid as the cheap stuff is just poor quality and wont save you money in the long run'... genius!

  3. All of that look so pretty! It is very interesting. And you have made a great work!

  4. So much talent!!

    Looks like a fantastic spread.

  5. Fantastic hats. x

  6. I wish we had the WI in Ireland. I would totally join.


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