Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Old School Pancake Heaven

I'm always giving BH a hard time for his conservative approach to pancakes. We've tempted him with everthing from bacon to blueberries, Nutella and raspberry coulis but he's not having it. So for Shrove Tuesday we fillers his lead and went back to basics....

Let's face it, it's a classic for a reason!

MiniFG challenged herself to eat six - but she didn't look so confident when they arrived...

Not for long though...

Unbelievably she polished the lot off - I don't know where she puts it all!

Happy Shrove Tuesday whatever your topping!

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  1. Wonderful.I confess I love pancakes but always savoury - I'm a lemon and salt gal. The boys like cherry pie filling in theirs. Happy Pancake munching.x

  2. I didn't have 6, but they did have lemon and sugar on - I'm a bit of a traditionlist when it comes to pancakes too!

  3. I've never had a pancake with lemon and salt/or/sugar. I'll have to try it sometime. Tonight, our church is having a Shrove Tuesday pancake supper. I will most likely be eating pancakes with syrup; most likely, maple-flavored.

  4. Lemon & Sugar here - but not today hun - too busy sewing my curtains - well I didn't actually do any sewing - my neighbour did - rude not to let her - but I did some cutting and eyeletting!
    The big DIY project starts tomorrow! I may be a while! lol!

  5. I have never ever eaten Nutella, but both of my daughters love the stuff! Cute pics here. :) I saw 'Yorkshire' and came to visit this blog because, although I'm from Wisconsin, I love Yorkshire. I noticed the Elizabeth Bennet button. I've taken two different quizzes and both times come up as Elinor Dashwood!

  6. Those are some good looking pancakes.

  7. Lemon and sugar for me, though we didn't have pancakes yesterday.

  8. I didn't get time to make pancakes yesterday so to read about yours and see the joy on your kids faces is brilliant! Thanks x


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