Monday, 21 March 2011

Dads new wheels...

BH's days as a househusband are numbered! Hes had an offer of work that's too good to ignore doing what he does best - model making,  so its back to the bench for him and soon. This wasn't the plan until our youngest had started school, but as that's in September its not too far away, and when was timing ever perfect? This return to the world of work should also kick start our building work, fingers crossed.

The big surprise was when he cam home with this...

apparently its a necessity to get to work quicker, and it was an unmissable bargain, and hes not really that excited about it (as if!) Honestly, Ive never heard such good purchase excuses since I last spent too much on shoes! But if it gets the plasterboard paid for a bit quicker then I might just turn a blind eye...
that's if these too ever hand it back!


  1. Ooooooooooooooh a biker! This is so fantastic! Do you ride pillion? The kids look so much at home!

  2. Very nice. The kids look like they are having lots of fun.


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