Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Arthur plays dead...

 This is how Arthur has taken to relaxing...
 totally still, totally immovable, totally taking over the sofa...

 all that he moves are his eyes...which is more than just a bit wierd - crazy dog!


  1. Love him! The enjoyment our pets bring is immeasurable.

  2. now that is one happy dog!... our Holly sleeps like this most of the day... I would like to spend just one day upside down on my back with my legs in the air... ! (that's come out a lot ruder than I meant it to be!!!)

  3. Looks like a particularly bad piece of taxidermy!

  4. Awesome like some kind of giant teddy settee squotter

  5. Thanks everyone - your comments have really tickled me

    Dom I read yours coming out of a management meeting and couldnt keep a straight face - youre right it does sound a lot ruder on paper!

    Capt S - i think youve hit the nail on the head - thats his master plan!

    Charlotte - wouldnt that be great! Like something from Thats Life!

    Mrs N - thank goodness he can make me smile, it makes up for all the times he's driven me half demented, hes such a terror!

    Su - hes crazy alright...no doubt about that!

  6. Awwwww - I just so want to cuddle him!
    He does look rather smug and a bit cheeky! :-D

  7. He does look a bit crazy, but so adorable!!


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