Sunday, 28 November 2010

Snow, snow and more snow...

The east coast has been hit by the snow pretty badly over the past few days, and although we're inland we were certainly no exception. We've had a bit of a mixed response to it this year. On the one hand I love snow, from the first sight it I start making plans for hunkering down, preparing for a snow in, old movies log fires, perhaps a Baileys or two, whats not to love? But this year we are on a countdown to get our roof in place, the struts have arrived we just need on more day of bricklaying to be at roof height but then the white stuff arrived...


temperatures dropped and building was called to a halt...


Its been very tempting to vent and fume and shake my fists at the sky, after all this could mean tools are down till the new year, but what can you do. If life gives you lemons, make lemonade and if snow stops your building schedule then...

tether up your Airedale and go sledging...

The two little Freerangers got the day off to play in the snow and travelled in style to Freerangenans for cocoa and treats...

 Pearl had her first taste of snow, and took to it like, well like a pup to snow of course...
And I got to hear about it all when I got home from hoo! But I did get the Baileys and an amazing view of the Wolds as I made my way there...

So for now, let it snow...


  1. Thanks for your comments re my pics - indeed we have experienced one heck of a 3 days - and guess what? It's snowing as I type.......way hay! Bless the hens though - 2 eggs! I have moved them into the spare goose hut - more space as they wont leave the shed bless!

  2. Love your dogs! I hope you get your roof done before too long.

  3. genius! we got covered today... hoping for a snow-in tomorrow!

  4. Hi Mrs N - get the fires stoked, I think its going to be a frosty night! Our hens starting laying again last year when it snowed, I think all the white tricked them in to thinking the days had brightened up!

    Please do not feed the animals - Hi Nice to hear from you - Im hoping we get the roof on too, but weve got be 2 degrees and rising first!

    Hi Dom, hope youre well stocked up, I love getting snowed in, its so exciting, until we start to run out of essentials like tonic water!

  5. It is so beautiful! I love your dogs))) And we have covered yesterday :)

  6. I'm quite jealous as here in this part of Suffolk we've not had any snow at all! Hope you get to have your roof on soon.

  7. I love the snow (but of course it's not stopping my building works!!!) - it's an excuse to stay in and bake!

  8. We got 6 more inches of snow this weekend. Gotta love living in Canada!!

  9. We've got snow here and more forcast too. Archie loved it at first, but started crying when his feet got cold, soft dog!

  10. Only a sprinkling here but so cold and next week we are having all our heating replaced so hope it will be warmer otherwise Brrrrr

  11. Like you, it keeps coming. Did you get the Thundersnow, last night? It was quite scary, but I'm so pleased I saw it. My younger two had Friday off because of the teacher training and today because of the safety risks, so, like yours, they have been in their element. I do sympathise about the building work 'though...inevitable but frustrating. Keep warm. x

  12. It may put a damper on your building progress but your lovely snowy pictures look lovely to me here in Australia. Usually we are starting our hot summery weather by now but we are having unseasonal wet and cold.
    Best wishes,

  13. Hi Tracey, sorry to hear your having cold weather too - Its very pretty here but it does seem to have brought things to a standstill!

    Hi Elizabeth - I think my children are forgetting what school looks like a the moment! We have had the Thundersnow - its really scary isnt it - even the name sounds terrifying!

    Hi GLA - fingers crossed your heating is all in place before this moves your way!

    Hi Jo - Poor Archie - what a softie! Mind you I dont blame him, my toes were freezing today!

    Hi Mel - I know, I know - we're total snow novices here in the UK, honestly we've just about ground to a standstill! and its nothing like the amount you guys get!

    Hiya Brownieville Girl - send some our way will you, Ive committed the mortal sin of getting snowed in with an empty cake cupboard and no eggs!

    Hi Su - dont speak too soon - it may be on its way to you as I write this!

    Hi Rafaella - lovely to hear from you - and you have snow too - keep warm!

  14. I'm afraid it arrived with a vengeance this week so we are deading what could be four days without heating next week!!!


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