Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Chilly chicken...

The chucks have taken to freeranging during the day. The idea was to give their diet a bit of variety , but I think they're planning a go on the swing!

Deborah and Jessica spent the morning trying to work out the slide!

But Nancy and Diana were having none of it - far too haughty for their own good if you ask me!

In the end the girls regrouped for a debrief before being ushered back to the homestead. Its one thing being a Freeranger with a chaperone, but its another story entirely when you're on your own with a hungry fox on the prowl - as the recently deceased Rhoda our Rhode Island Red found out when she wandering too far from home.

Oh well - tomorrow we may try the trampoline!


  1. Gosh! our hens have not left their house for a whole week! I have moved them into my potting shed - next door to their henhouse where they have scratting room! Bless! Your girls are very brave

  2. Looks like they're enjoying their time out and about. Hope Mr.Fox doesn't realise there's easy pickings.

  3. What? No little crocheted hats? No teeny knit scarves? Those are brave girls... Brrr

  4. Oh brrr - well done on the girls getting out! I think someone suggested knitting them (my hens) tiny stripey tea-cosies on my blog!!


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