Thursday, 9 December 2010

Going snowhere...

 Why is it that even when it comes at the same time every year, the shops are full of it, the songs are on the radio, I still wake up in a panic and think ' i cant believe its almost Christmas!' Our readiness for festivities has definitely been put out of sync by the weather. Everything has been on hold for the past week, apart from igloo building that is...

We can make igloos that you can go in and come out of, but we draw the line at lids on top! Oh well, its nice to have a room with a view!

At some point we must thaw out and start wrapping some presents!

We did put the tree up this weekend and at last we started to feel the festive fuzziness, I'm going to post a favourite decoration everyday to keep my yuletide spirit topped up! Right now I think I'm most pleased with my Christmas kitchen, whether that's because we decorated the dresser or just because we decluttered it I'm not sure...but either way the end result makes me feel like digging out the cranberries!

Whats are your favourite decorations, Id love to it the hand painted crystal Faberge set or the cotton wool covered toilet roll holder carried back lovingly from nursery school ( I know which mine is, it gets unfluffier every year but he's coming out for many to come!)

p.s. Ive got a secret I'm dying to share about a coming blog - I'm sworn to secrecy until the 17th but I don't know if I'll make it that long!


  1. keep us hanging you crafty cow!... my favourite decoration is the little felt hearts we bought at the Lincoln market a few years back... they're sweet and trad looking and remind me of our first Christmas at the cottage.

  2. Many of us over here can't even get into the holiday mood unless we get some snow. With all the white stuff you have this year, you must be singing carols in your sleep! (ho ho ho?)

    That igloo looks like great fun. Bet you are going through a lot of cocoa lately. I know I am! Brrrrr :-D

  3. hi i have just found your blog and i have enjoyed reading about your snowy adventures. Down here in the cambridgeshire we havent had that much snow but it still has been very cold!
    Like wise i do love the homemade xmas decs every year we make our own paper chains which i think are fab x

  4. Love the igloo! I can't believe we haven't had enough snow this year to make a snowman, much less a fort!!!

  5. One of my favorite decorations is an angel tree topper my daughter made in kindergarten. I get all choked up when I put it on the tree.

  6. We have a thaw starting here. But on the negative side they are predicting more to come next week.

  7. I can't believe that Christmas is only a fortnight away either. I was really upset earlier in the year when I found out that my mum had sent all the tree decorations which we had from my childhood to the charity shop. My mum didn't realise that I would have loved them and now feels really guilty. Those decorations reminded me of the wonderful Christmases I experienced as a child.

  8. Oh, that dresser looks so sweet with its Christmas arrangement and I love your igloo. x

  9. I still have a very old, warm, fuzzy, red and white hat with a puff ball on top that I wear every year. It has Snoopy and Charlie Brown and a few others on the front, even though they're quite faded now. Nothing says Christmas like that old hat.

  10. Hi everyone - i am loving reading about your decorations, isnt it funny how attached we are to the ones from our childhood, I still remember soem wied pipe cleaner skiers that my nan had, I thought they were fabulous at the time, i'm not sure what Id think if I saw them now!
    Hah Dom - you'll have to wait and see!!! I dont know if I'll be able to keep it to myself for that long though!

    Hi Bears Footprints - thanks for dropping in and your lovely comments x

    Good luck with the run up to christmas everyone xxx


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