Sunday, 7 November 2010

Hand me down heirlooms...

I just wanted to share the surprise parcel I received from my great aunt recently.  A cardboard box came home with BH after he'd been to see her and all he knew were there were some 'bits and bobs ' that I might want. After digging through the many layers of newspapers this is what I found...

My Great Grandmas rolling pin!

BH couldn't quite work out why I was behaving as though I'd won the lottery. It was just a rolling pin after all, and one with a pretty extreme squeak at that! But this isn't just any rolling pin, and it wasn't just my Great Grannies either, but the rolling pin that I learnt to roll pastry with every Friday night as  a little girl with my Great Auntie.

It was like biting into a Proustian Madelaine and being whisked back through the years in an instant. I had forgotten so much about those Friday nights that all flooded back. The two of us would squeeze into the tiny kitchen, me wrapped tightly in a flour dusted pinny and she directing proceedings from the well worn Bero book. We almost always baked the same things, jam tarts, coconut macaroons and of course the seasonal mince pies and fruit cakes. I don't actually remember us baking much else but I do know that we would occasionally experiment and then try out our produce on my Great Grandfather, who was more than happy to be our guinea pig.

It was my job to roll the pastry, and the rolling pin squeaked on every roll,  the cause of much hilarity between the two of us. I look back now and know that Auntie P obviously finished the pastry off but still she made me feel as though I was in charge of it, I've also no doubt that the squeaky roller probably drove her crackers but she played along never the less - bless her!

I know we used the moulds occasionally for blancmanges and the other bits and bobs are all familiar, but nothing quite brought it back like the the squeaky roller! And when It did I looked around my own kitchen and realised how much I owe to those Friday nights, I store my flour the same way as her, I know how to make a macaroon in an egg cup and I do like a dusty pinny - dusty with flour that is!

Auntie P suggested that I might want it for my dresser, but I know it's got another job first - I've got two apprentice bakers who are quite ready for baking night and making some memories of our own!


  1. What a wonderful gift!!! It is amazing the feelings everyday items can hold. More valuable than the rarest gems. Enjoy them and make more memories.

  2. So nice))) "Back to the future"....

  3. What a wonderful gift - sweak and all!!!

    Wonderful memories to have and to make.

  4. Just popped over from Brownieville Girl :o)
    What wonderful gifts, there is nothing nicer than to have treasured family pieces - especially as they are entwined with such happy memories.
    Happy baking!

  5. What a lovely gift to unwrap.


  6. How wonderful, not just the items themselves but the memories attached to them. I was only saying at the weekend that I would love one of those bowls, I remember my grandma having one.

  7. how adorable... and those jellie molds! Lucky you!... I too used to roll pastry with granny, she used to have one of those grey marbled ones... wonder where that is now?... lovely post

  8. Wow, what treasures to have and I know that you're going to love passing the memories on. x

  9. Oh I'd be so happy as well!! Lovely photo

  10. Fabulous! That brought memories of my Nan trying to help me cook... So good to know that the old rolling pin will still be in use, generating more memories, squeak and all.

  11. Wow! How fantastic is that! I have my nana's gravy jug - must be nearly 50 years old. I was mortified when the spout broke in the dishwasher - well I caught it against the granite worktop - but we stuck it back on and it continues to be used to this day! Enjoy the memories and bake with love. Dxxx

  12. Wonderful gifts! What memory stirrers! I was foturnate enough to receive many crocks and garden tools from my grandmother. I use them in my garden work nearly every day.
    I'm happy for you.

    Take Care,

    Veggie PAK

  13. definately a lottery win!!! :-)


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