Sunday, 14 November 2010

Countdown to Christmas

I know, I know, it's only November - but I have a little tradition to kickstart the season in the right frame of mind. Citygirl, Gardengirl and myself head off to the Countryliving Christmas Fair for a spot of dreamy Christmas shopping. We're also joined by Cookgirl, our lovely friend so named because once you've tasted her Sunday roasts you never look back!

The dates marked on the diary all year and I've been saving my spends since spring. On Friday night we packed up the tribe and headed for the big smoke. We all met up on saturday morning and headed for the show - no need for a map, just following the trail of Cath Kidston and Boden.

This is a shot of inside the show...

It was hard to get any decent pics as it is really busy! It takes serious shopping stamina but it's worth it just to soak up the cinnamon soaked atmosphere and hunt out artisan goodies for special gifts.

We do stop off in the foodhall for a pitstop and my favourite snorker makers Debbie and Andrewa are always on hand with tasty morsels to tempt us into filling the freezer!

I'd love to show you some of the things we bought - but of course they have to be wrapped and sent to Father Christmas for delivery (and Freerangenana might be reading this trying to get a sneaky peak!)But I do have a picture of my dream shed...

This was the view through the windows. I suppose shed is a bit of an understatement, more of a grotto...

Either way, it's a good job it was roped off or I might have had to move in and claim squatters rights...

All in all it was a very successful trip, topped off with mojitos in St Pancras. But now were winging it back up the motorway, back to work and real life. To be honest it's a good job we don't do these things too often as I'd probably be bankrupt... But I do feel ready to head into the Christmas season fully prepared...I just have to wrap it all now!

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  1. Oh wrapping! My favourite part of any gift process.Hmmm me thinks I will work on some gift tags this week! Oh the joy of a new printer! xx

  2. Great pictures!! It is never too early to be getting ready for Christmas!!

  3. I'm well on my way to being all ready for Christmas. I've already bought lots of my presents but they still need wrapping. The Countryliving Christmas Fair looks like a wonderful place to pick up some gifts.

  4. Hi Dom - you better believe it! I work in a primary school, so dec 1st until the 21st is a write off, its shop now or forget it!

    GLA - I know what you mean, but im learning with experience - a trip to CL fair looks like earnest preparation, but its really an excuse to sample sloe gin with the girlfriends!

    Hi Jo - it really is a lovely day out - some of the stuff is ridiculously over priced but its quite a feast on the eyes and there are some bargains to be had.

    Hello Mrs N - I knew you'd like doing the wrapping! I try to save all mine for a night when everyones out and crack open the Baileys whilst watching 'Its a wonderful life' - come to think of it, maybe thats why my gift wrap always looks a bit dodgy!

    Hi Mel - you're quite right. I always set out determined to pick bits up throughout the year, but then I forget where Ive put them and have to reshop anyway - but Im very glad to say we're all shopped out!

  5. If only you'd have given me enough warning I would have loved to come with. I love Christmas decorations!!!!


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