Friday, 8 June 2012

The post Chelsea post...

Blimey where does the time go? One minute I'm counting the days till Chelsea flower show, the next I'm wondering if it really happened, so much has happened since. Weve been awash with bunting and jubilee flags since then...but thats for another post...back to Chelsea...

I think this may be my favourite Chelsea yet. The gardens were amazing despite the cold start to the year, and then the drought and then the rain! Here are some of my favourite moments...

Cleve Wests garden won best in show and deservedly so. More than any Chelsea garden ive seen, i wanted to sneak in and stay in this all day...very secret garden and very magical..

 Joe Swift's garden was also a favourite - he had these amazing redwood arches that made it look like looking through frames, his colours were amazing.
 The Furzey garden created by Chris Beardshaw and the team of young people with learning difficulties was gorgeous, and made me wish we could grow rhododendrons here, but no such luck! I met the family of one of the gardeners there who were telling of how the project had changed their sons life. I'm not ashamed to say I left the Furzey Garden a bit teary eyed and truly inspired by the power of gardening...
and I loved Andy Sturgeons garden. Ive already passed this picture on to BH as inspiration for the steps to our garden - here's hoping!

I thinks The caravan garden was one of my favourites though - I've been planning a garden office for a few years now and I think this could be an answer...
The designer Kaffe Fassett had decorated his own summerhouse for the show, I wish i could have got a better picture. the colours were so much better than they came out here!
 But Chelsea isn't just about show's also about shopping and for us champagne. The day ended with our traditional stop at the champagne bar at St Pancras before I jumped on the train back to can just see my Bill Wallace Geranium in the back ground, its already found its home in my long border...

And that was it for another how many sleeps until the next one...


  1. Glad you had a good time. Jx

  2. Jealous! It looks like you were really lucky with the weather :)

  3. It looks stunning - and as for the summerhouse ... well, I think I could move in very happily.

  4. Fond memories and missing the Sunshine and warmth - where has it gone!

  5. We saw lots and lots of Chelsea on TV. It's a pity that you can wlak in through the gardens as so much seems to be likely to be hidden when viewing from the edges.

  6. Hi Jan, thanks for the comment, it certainly is a great day out!

    Hi Amy good to hear from you, we had great weather thanks - dont know where its gone now though!

    Hi Jane - certainly is, although its a good job its only once a year otherwise id be broke!

    Hi Citygirl - what I wouldnt give for a bit of that sunshine now x

    Hi Sue, i know what you mean Id love to walk through the gardens. You can see into most of them really well - apart from Diarmuds pyramid - which is why it got such a hostile reception very few people could get into to it to have a look!

  7. catching up here, Olympics, Queen's Jubilee and Chelsea Flower Show! That is the only picture of Kafee Fasset from the CFS I've seen. Still treasure a collection of jersies I knitted to his patterns.

  8. Thanks! I've just been trawling Kaffe Fasset Chelsea and pink blog posts.


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