Wednesday, 9 May 2012

There's something in the woodshed...

Look closely and you might just see our newest visitor...

A broody blackbird has chosen our woodshed to make her nest and now we daren't touch the logs in case we disturb her! I think BH is secretly thrilled, mostly as it stops me lighting a fire every time the wind changes!

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  1. How lovely, she obviously rates your woodshed very highly! I wonder how many babies shell hatch?

  2. What a lovely find - hope she does well.

  3. I adore blackbirds - they're outside my window at all hours and their song is just beautiful. Hope the eggs all hatch - how exciting

  4. Obviously the perfect nursery!
    Jane x

  5. Tat does look like a very happy bird! We had a robin starting a nest inside the box that houses the electricity meter, and I'm afraid we did have to move it because we were worried it might blow itself up!

  6. thats fun though love your blog, love Yorkshire too my Grandma is from there, will follow along ;-) thanks for visiting mine Rebecca


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