Monday, 14 May 2012

Huevos heaven - Yorkshire style...

Okay so its not a typical Yorkshire Breakfast, but it is my favourite, and the only one guaranteed to get me on my feet after a late night....

Huevos Rancheros - Yorkshire style...

The onions (from our garden) are sauteed in Yorkshire Rape Seed oil from our local producer Gold from the Wold

 then they get a good sprinkling of smoked paprika - my concession to non yorkshire produce! I get mine from gardengirls shop in Finchley, London - 'Tony's continental'. They're on facebook, check them out if you're ever near, they do the best stuff, often hand packaged by gardengirl herself and at the best prices...

 but enough of the advertising...back to the Huevos...once the onions are soft and smoky I tip in a good portion of chopped tomatoes - if Im being very good they're frozen ones from last years greenhouse haul...if i'm being honest they're usually from a tin1 But I do add some chopped chillis which are usually from the freerange windowsill and then season good and proper ...
 Then in go the eggs...fresh from the hen...
 these go in the oven and bake until they're ready...just perfect!
and then there's only one thing left to do...scoff the lot...delicious!!!

So they might not be true Huevos Rancheros - but they work for us....


  1. No matter what you call it, this looks like a marvelous way to start the day :)

  2. Wow, that looks really delicious! I'd love to try this as an evening dish too, with some crusty rolls!

    You have the same blue kitchen tiles as me!

  3. WOW! Never heard of this one - BUT I must say I LOVE the sound of it. I LOVE the smell of the rape fields as we tootle by - we have a few fields in our village too. Most definitely going to try some of the oil. Have heard various chefs raving about it on the radio & TV!


  4. Yum indeed. That would probably get me out of bed in the morning too!

  5. Wow! I have some wonderful tomatoes to make this sauce. What a great brunch dish!

  6. What a great recipie! Thanks for calling by my blog the other day. Jx

  7. This recipe sounds delish! I love eggs for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a nice comment. I am now a follower of your blog. I looking forward to a blogging friendship. Blessings dear, Catherine

  8. Thank you so much for your visit and comment over at my place.

    I do like the look of this Yorkshire breakfast. (I would never have time to make this in NYC, but ... might reconsider that rash statement.)

    I so love memories of Yorkshire landscapes shown me by friends back in the last century. (It still amuses and amazes me to think that we are in a new century.)

    Hockney as a draftsman and printmaker encouraged me ages ago to etching experiments. I did once get to see him give a lecture, during the Polaroid photo time, and that was a pleasure. He was a bit cranky, but did agree to give me an autograph on an old postcard.

    Don't what this comment to be too run on, please do visit again.

  9. Wonderful... one of my favourites too! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a kind comment. Hope to see you back again!

  10. One of my favourites too! Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a kind comment. Hope to see you again.

  11. Sounds delicious! Thanks so much for the Follow and I'm returning the favor :)

  12. hi, thank you for coming by my blog earlier. I've heard of huevos rancheros but not really sure what is it, now i got a better idea. Sounds good with bread too! am glad to follow you back!

  13. Hi everyone thank you for the lovely comments and the new follows it so nice to make new blog friends! Frances - we never have time to make this mid week but it's perfect for a weekend treat when we have a bit more time! It's great to meet another Hockney fan!
    Denise - give the golds wold a try - it's lovely and it gives a golden yellow colour to stuff! It's health benefits are supposed to be pretty good, I just know it's tasty!
    Lena hi its great to hear from you - definitely try the huevos with bread, it soaks all the sauces up a treat x
    Hi savouring time - great to hear from you x
    Hi Gina you're welcome, Im really enjoying your blog x
    Hi Catherine - lovely to hear from you, I'm looking forward to dropping by your blog again x
    Hi Jan, you're welcome x the recipe is super easy, definitely worth a try!
    Hi Susan, thanks for checking out my blog, it does work great for brunch, I've made it in a big skillet and then transferred to a dish for 6 so it will certainly go a long way!
    Hi Dotty, thanks for looking in on me, it definitely works as a pick me up, a bit like an edible bloody Mary!
    Hi Amy - lovely to hear from you - I've certainly cooked this as a supper dish, it saw me through my student years!
    Hi Lizzy, thank for dropping by, and the lovely comment x I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog x

  14. Now that sounds like a perfect breakfast and it's great that sometimes, the tomatoes are your own too - yum yum, yes please!

  15. Wow, this sounds fabulous, E; definately one I'll be trying on my gang. x


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