Sunday, 13 May 2012

All sold out...

So sale day came, and we sold...and sold....and sold. I fully intended to take lots of pictures as more and more plants arrived and we filled the hall - but there were people coming in an hour before we officially opened and that was it - we never stopped until there was very little left, like these sad lonely onions!
 I had great helpers thank goodness, citygirl, Kgirl my oldest bud (not literally old that is!), BH, Freerangenan and the marvellous ladies from All Saints church amongst others made sure everything went to plan. Even ponygirl got in on the act...

We took over £300 in 2 and half hours. Not bad going when you consider most plants were under £1. There were flowers, veg, herbs and cake - what was not to love??? We had some amazing donations, compost bins, pots, even a mini green house! It was great fun selling and talking about plants and if i'm honest i'm already planning next years event...

by the end of it we were pretty tired...I caught these usual suspects napping on the lawn!

There was a glass of two of fizz to be had after all was tidied up...and a very very good nights sleep...


  1. Have discovered a lovely tea shop in Hummanby. Am loving this little place - how far are you from it? Lovely place to meet up for a cuppa!

  2. A brilliant day all round then?!
    Jane x

  3. Fantastic, you did so well. It's brilliant when things go to plan and you get a good turn out like that. I had to laugh at Arthur and Pearl, it's a dogs life!

  4. Wow, that's an amazing total - well done to all of you!

  5. Hi Mrs N - Im not far at all! let me know when youre in town and we'll do tea - have you been to Reighton nursery up the road? its kind of a local landmark for gardeners!

    Hi Jo - you're so right, I certainly slept better knowing that it had gone off okay - Arthur and Pearl never need an excuse to sleep!

    Thanks Dotty - it certainly was a team effort, I couldn't have done it without the backup!

    Thanks Jane and Chris - it was a great day - I sort of can't wait to do it again - is that crazy?

    Hi Sue - they're a bunch of posers arent they!

  6. Flowers, veg, herbs and cake - that's pretty much what I need to keep me happy. Great pics. That must have been a seriously busy 2 and a half hours.

  7. Well done! The only things I'm good at growing are herbs. I've planted dozens of Ranunculus this spring, though and I'm hoping they turn out well. I'm particularly attracted to your 'sad lonely onions' as I've haven't set any this year. :P


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