Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Digging and planting...and a plant sale to prepare!!!

Its been a big weekend in the Freerange household. Been as it was bank holiday we couldn't resist the urge to hire heavy equipment and do a spot of digging...

Believe it or not this was a pile of bricks and rubble on Friday, and while it may not look so pretty just yet, to me it looks fabulous - fabulously rubble free...hooray!

 And by Monday it looked like this...

Ahhhh....happiness is a full skip! Blimey we really need to get out more!

On the planting front its been all hands to the deck. Im holding a plant sale in our village this Saturday to raise funds for our village church. It sounded like a great idea when I suggested it last year but now I'm panicking ...the green house is only half full...

 Ive only got 3 more days to take cuttings and get potting - yikes!

On the plus side, the cuttings I took last weekend are already taking well. This is the Eau de Cologne mint I grew last year...it smells amazing...

and my phone is starting to fill up with messages to say that friends and neighbours have been taking cuttings too...phew! fingers crossed we'll have stuff to sell after all...

Now I just need people to come...I sense sleepless nights ahead...


  1. I used to do a plant sale every year for the carnival at the school where I taught. WE used to make a great profit but things started to take over as we were the only ones growing. The carnival was in July so dominated the space in our greenhouse!

  2. 18 purple salvias, 18 pink cosmos , 6 cabbage and 6 Brussels sprouts , en route Friday night!

  3. Hi Sue, I can see how that would take over!!! I'm crossing everything in the hopoe that others are bringing stuff, and in the mean time I'm potting up everything with a root on it!

    Hey CG, Blimey you have been busy growing!!! Cheers hon - you're on selling duty you know xxx

  4. It looks as if you have a great start here, and I would definitely buy some of your mint! Wishing you every success for your unselfish gardening!


  5. Wish you luck and success in your fund raising :)


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