Wednesday, 4 May 2011

A period of adjustment...

My blogging days have been severely curtailed of late mostly due to the reorganisation of labour in our household. The upside is BH has a job - Hurrah! downside - all of of our household stuff now needs to be squeezed into the time between children going to bed and the hour at which we collapse into an emotional heap - one often follows the other quite rapidly!

I always knew I was very fortunate to have BH keeping the ship running smoothly whilst I was at work but now thats changed, boy do I know how lucky! For one thing, where did all this laundry come from? I have laundry baskets which reload on emptying - is that normal? and as for cleaning... whoever thought of the phrase 'painting the forth bridge' should have tried dustbusting this homestead first if they really wanted to experience an eternally circular task!

In the midst of this I have taken on another plot of land - what was I thinking! I figure digging is cheaper than stress therapy or a spa break and at least i'll have some sweetcorn and potatoes at the end of it. That's the idea anyway...

But for now any spare time has been used to try and tame the borders in our own garden and get the plot ready for the getgo - and making royal wedding cupcakes of course ( had to be done didnt it!)


  1. Hurrah for BH's job - congratulations to him. I can relate to this as I know that I'd be on the floor if I didn't have M at home, but if you still managed to whip up those gorgeous cakes in the midst of all the work, it sounds as though you're doing a terrific job. Remember that it's just as easy to wipe away two layers of dust as it is one, nobody ever keeled over because their shirt wasn't ironed and there should always be room for 'you time', too. x

  2. Congrats on the job!! Life sounds busy for you, but good. The cupcakes are gorgeous!!

  3. Well done to BH for the job - I'm sure that things will settle down in your household soon, as for the dust, well you can't see it if you're outside!

  4. As you know I battle to lose weight but can honestly say extreme window cleaning is a fab keep fit activity. I was disgusted with the insides of the windows - I have never found a decent cleaner - but yesterday armed with my washing up liquid and hot water solution, and with Take That playing I was well away! Take Care. Dxx

  5. I don't seem to be able to comment of your magnolia post so I'm adding a comment about it here.

    We had a similar stick that grew into a daphne - we hadn't planted it so it must have grown from a berry dropped by a passing bird. Moral - If you can't identify a stick leave it be.

    I love the deep blue ceanothus too! Such a shame it succumbed.

  6. Good news! I envy children and fathers who have had that time together. Will be fun to get moving with your building alterations!


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