Thursday, 26 May 2011

Countdown to Chelsea...

It's Chelsea time again and the countdown is on. I'm visiting on Saturday with citygirl who has already been this week on VIP day. I'd love to say my own garden was Chelsea ready but as growing season collides with my busiest worktime it's more shabby than chic!
It has it's moments though... And the alliums that I bought as bulbs last year at the show are amongst them. I only wish they lasted all year round...

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  1. Oh, I really wish I was going to Chelsea too!! And I love the purple alliums - just beautiful!

  2. The flowers are beautiful. Have fun!!

  3. Those alliums are beautiful. Enjoy your day at Chelsea

  4. Lovely alliums. Enjoy your visit, I went a few years ago and loved it!

  5. It is more chic than shabby! Looks great - you will so love Chelsea, it's better than last year! Yes really!


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