Sunday, 23 January 2011

Plant Potty...

Who says there's nothing fun happening out in the garden? Admittedly most of my gardening day was spent trying to find the garden under layers of leaf sludge...but my girly had other ideas...

 Completely oblivious to onlookers she decided that the trees really needed some decoration and set to work with what she had to hand. That's my girl....born to accessorise!

Her little brother got to work too, rearranging everything that Id arranged half an hour earlier and then scattering tools on a mums only treasure hunt around the garden - result: 4 hours of fun in the garden but very little done - at least when it was snowing our garden looked the same as everyone else!!!


  1. I love what they find to do in the garden, my daughter would too! Very exciting the adventure your lot had out there!!

  2. Still very dull over here - waiting for some sunshine!!!

  3. Sounds like fun and looks great.

  4. It doesn't matter whether a garden is well kept or not, this is what they're really meant for. I love it.

  5. At least they were enjoying themselves outdoors not stuck to a computer (like me) or TV or video game!

  6. They had a great time! Wonderful! And you have no snow in the garden (in jest ;) ). It snows every day in our city))) Height of the snow drifts achieves the human height in some places.


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