Tuesday, 18 January 2011

I'm walking on sunshine...

I'm thrilled, I'm over the moon, I'm dangerously delirious and at the same time ever so 'umbled. I've just received an award. My first ever, from Jo at jo-throughthekeyhole.blogspot.com who writes not one but two thoroughly good blogs and has taught me a thing or two about gardening I can tell you!

To be honest I had wondered how people received the awards that you see on their blogs, and now I know! I started writing this blog to keep a handful of friends back in London up to date with what we were up to and probably like many of you I've found its taken on a whole different life of its own. In the past six months since I've been writing I've taken more photographs than in my entire life, I've written more often than I ever did when I attempted to keep a diary, I've been visited by readers from 45 different countries and I've discovered a camaraderie through shared words that I never knew existed, so to get an award is way more than I was expecting - Thank you x

Okay so the deal that comes with the award is that I have to share 7 things about myself that you might not already know, here goes...

1. My favourite film in the entire world is Mrs Miniver. Makes me long for a world of hats and gloves and stiff upper lips - brilliant!

2. When I was at school I won a Young Northern Poet award and was presented with my award by Brian Patten and Roger Mcgough. Roger was lovely, but I idolised Brian Patten at the time and he was a right miserable git - early lesson in the inevitable disappointment of hero worship!

3. On a teacher exchange to China I had tea with the Minister for Education and was offered a job by a school director whilst I was on the toilet!

4. As a student I had many jobs, including working at the Body Shop for several years, back when it was still a bit hippyish. I was in charge of bridal makeovers and had an absolute scream doing up brides to be and mother in laws on their big day.

5. My favourite drink is a classic margarita, closely followed by a mojito and of course a good old cuppa tea - Yorkshire Tea of course!

6. When I had my first child I bit so hard on the gas and air that I broke my front tooth in half - you can imagine how lovely those photos were

7. My husband is one of the most amazing model makers in the country and has worked on Harry Potter, Bond and Sexy Beast amongst other films, but he gave it all up to come and raise children and chickens (I  will consider hiring him out for a fee though!)

There you go, now you know...

Now its my turn to nominate 15 sites worthy of this award. Apologies if you're not on this list, it may be because you've already been nominated and I can only pick 15. Blimey this feels like way too much responsibility, here goes...

In no particular order...

A City Chicken Farm
Mels Backyard
Our Plot at Green Lane Allotments
Elephants Eye
Our Wee Farm
Well, this isnt getting t''ens fed...
Bellau kitchen
mrsnesbitt's space
A Mingled Yarn
Chocolate Log Blog
Vanilla Sugar
21st Century urban housewife
Living on the Edge
Corner Cottage Bakery

I could go on...However please do not feel under any pressure to receive the award, just like Jo before me, I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your blogs. And once again Jo, thank you - you made my day!!! I do love getting all of your comments and even if I don't get chance to reply to them all -I really love reading them.


  1. Well done, how wonderful you and your blog really deserves it! xx

    Interesting to read your facts too!

  2. Congrats on the award. It is well deserved. Thanks for passing it on to my blog.

  3. Congratulations on your award and thanks for passing it on to me as well.

  4. Go girl, go! Congratulations and so well deserved. Uprooting and changing lifestyles is never an easy thing to do and you're obviously doing a fantastic job. You deserve all the accolades going.

    Thank you, too, for nominating me to receive the award; my blog will wear it with pride. x

  5. Blimey, you're making me blush now. Thank you for the nice things you've said about me. Glad you've accepted the award. I enjoy reading the facts which go with these awards, it helps to get to know the blogger a little better (and I'm just so nosey).

  6. Thanks for popping me on the list - I really appreciate it but I have done a post like this before a while ago so forgive me if I don't repeat the exercise.

  7. I could practically feel your excitement just jump off the screen! :-D I'm so happy for you. Interesting bits on your history list. You go girl!

  8. No chickens, not much baking here. Your other picks are a whole 'nother world to me. Can I call myself a stylish blogger now?

    My 'About Mes' were in November http://elephantseyegarden.blogspot.com/2009/11/honest-scrap-take-that-and-that-and.html

    And my latest ten blogs back on the Tenth day of Christmas http://elephantseyegarden.blogspot.com/2011/01/on-tenth-day-ten-fine-blogs.html

  9. Well you truly deserve this. And thank you x

  10. Congratulations. I was a Brian Patten fan at school, but only ever met Roger Mcgough. Your China trip sounds interesting - how long were you there? And thank you very much for liking my blog and passing on the award.

  11. Thank you so much!! sorry i have been a bit absent...this work thing is cutting into my blogworld!! xx can't wait to see what this spring brings for you!

  12. Well done you!!!
    And thank you loads.
    I'll get to it as soon as I sort out a plumbing issue!! Farm - no water- busted pump - I think!

  13. Congratulations on your reward - richly deserved.

    I really appreciate your thinking of me :-}}}}}

  14. Thanks everyone - and youre very welcome! I was in China for 10 days Choclette - I was in Beijing in the run up to the Olympics, it was tremendous!

  15. Congratulations! (and a huge thank you!)


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